Links 2/27/20

Links for you. Science:

Bats Harbor Hundreds Of Coronaviruses, And Spillovers Aren’t Rare
Oh, No, Not Knotweed!
“The disruption is enormous.” Coronavirus epidemic snarls science worldwide
I work on human genetics and am honorary professor at the UCL Genetics Institute. I’m the editor-in chief of a journal which used to be called Annals of Eugenics. I just wanted to say that we now know from the latest research that eugenics simply would not work.
Mutation, Adaptation, and Virus Genomes – A Primer for the Public


Bernie Sanders Is No Donald Trump (must-read)
How much will Medicare-for-all save Americans? A lot.
Where Might Trumpism Take Us? For analogies that show us where the nation might be headed, look close to home. (excellent)
I wrote the law Bloomberg blames for the financial crisis. He’s wrong.
FBI Arrests Hacker Linked to Former Rep. Katie Hill’s Campaign
With Business Down At Some D.C.-Area Chinese Restaurants, Owners Blame The Coronavirus
Politicize the Fed — just not with Judy Shelton
I’ve taught at six Jewish day schools. They’re preaching dual loyalty to Israel. (day schools really seem to have moved to the right over the last decade)
Of the different elements of the party, who is more likely, in the end, to hold their nose and “do the right thing”?
The GOP’s Silly Attempt to Boost a Liberal Candidate
Why I Fear a Moderate Democratic Nominee
I Spoke Out Against Sexual Harassment at Uber. The Aftermath Was More Terrifying Than Anything I Faced Before
Embracing Supreme Court Expansion Carries No Political Cost, Study Says
What Bernie Sanders Means When He Says the US Is Already a Socialist Society
Trickle-Downers Created the Homelessness Crisis. Now They Want You to Believe They Can ‘Solve’ It. In blue cities across the country, corporate lobbies are trying to discredit progressive governance by weaponizing homelessness.
Wealth has always been about power
Coronavirus: US says Russia behind disinformation campaign
The algorithm is watching you
Enjoy The Extra Day Off! More Bosses Give 4-Day Workweek A Try
Storyline Fever

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