Fear Is Making Democrats Stupid: We Got What We Wished For

With Bloomberg doing well in some polls, it’s very disheartening to see how MSNBC and a couple of other news organizations (along with some online sites down the internet food chain) have made Democrats so reactive and fearful, some are willing to vote for a polite, ‘racially tinged’, authoritarian Republican. Democratic policies and politics have never performed well in an environment of fear, but, historically, that fear mongering was external to Democrats: now, it’s inside the wire.

Democratic celebrity journalists, along with their fame-seeking experts have a vested interest in stoking fear. It sells ads. That a significant fraction went all in on Russia to the exclusion of other issues and problems, such as corruption, in order to avoid confronting their own failures hasn’t helped.

I’m old enough to remember when parts of the left, construed broadly, wished that we would have some equivalent of Fox News. Well, we got it, and those media are fear mongering just as much. It’s good to have less biased media, but don’t think those less biased media figures are our allies, even the ‘good ones.’ And Sweet Baby Intelligent Designer, don’t let them set our political agenda.

Things are bad here, maybe as bad as I’ve ever seen them, and I’m not young. There are legitimate reasons to be worried–I don’t want to downplay them (my co-religionists are being murdered in our synagogues. For example). But we have become so scared, we think Bloomberg will be the answer, even though the very same polls some are so obsessed with suggest he wouldn’t do well against Il Trumpe.

We are not thinking clearly, and too many supposedly-Democratic friendly news sources are making it worse.

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2 Responses to Fear Is Making Democrats Stupid: We Got What We Wished For

  1. Bloomberg is NOT the answer. He’s a different kind of trump IMHO.

  2. Molly Cruz says:

    Money talks, but can it buy you love? I guess we’ll see shortly. What I’ve seen in the lengthy stretch God has given me to ponder these things, is that the Left always folds towards the War Machine to hopefully placate the undecided that they aren’t wooses. In Hillary’s case, this tendency made me feel she actually wanted to beat the boys at their own game, rather than bring something truly feminine to the stage, and that it wasn’t just an act that would get her votes.
    When they found Osama Bin Laden, as when the Israelis located a terrorist, instead of simply arresting him, they would blow up a whole block in his name. The dramatic murder of him, and Saddam Hussein, and Qaddafi, and yes the more recent and even less necessary assassination of Soleimani, seemed made for the press rather than good politics. Klobuchar’s now publicized jailing for life of a teenager who could have flailed a bullet and caused the death of a child in her home, was more to demonstrate that she was “tough on crime” than that any justice was being done in a particular case.
    We’re all caught in the Hollywood trap that has thrown politics into the same basket of trivia that has Jane Fonda’s plastic surgery appearing next to God Awful situations about which we should all be attentive. In presenting the news in this lighthearted, ambivalent manner, the media is grooming the taste of a nation; and I’m spitting it all out until that changes. Is it all for show, or is there substance between the buns? We are making an ass of ourselves to the world, and encouraging them to do the same for themselves.
    The truth is that governing is a dull, grueling business about which some truly devoted individuals care a great deal, but the lights and the noise that should be kept on Broadway are drowning out its significance and those that would dare to accomplish something are becoming rare birds indeed. Who would subject themselves to that kind of vicarious scrutiny, once the territory of Entertainment Tonight? It’s all going into the same tasteless pot, and it all tastes, forgive me, like shit.

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