Links 2/14/20

Links for you. Science:

The scientists restoring a gold-mining disaster zone in the Peruvian Amazon
This Professor’s ‘Amazing’ Trick Makes Quadratic Equations Easier
For the first time, a climate journalist will moderate a presidential debate
Experts Warn Coronavirus May Be Spreading Undetected in Indonesia, Thailand
The art of scientific deception: How corporations use “mercenary science” to evade regulation


Loving Elizabeth Warren means having a plan for when America breaks your heart
Iowa Democrats need new state chair–and new attorney
Pete Buttigieg is playing with fire — and playing right into Republicans’ hands (the Audacity of Nope)
Pete Buttigieg Funded by Russian-Linked Oligarch Who Supports Trump and McConnell (funded is a bit strong, still he didn’t donate to Sanders…)
A Group of Agents Rose Through the Ranks to Lead the Border Patrol. They’re Leaving It in Crisis.
The Republican War Against Public Schools Is a War Against the “Heartland”
Mayor Pete Buttigieg Just Messed With the Blog’s First Rule of Economics in New Hampshire
Elizabeth Warren did not fall for Stephanopoulos’ Socialism trap
Adam Schiff Is Famous. Adam Schiff Is Infamous.
D.C. Is Running Out Of (202) Numbers
And Now For Some Orwellian Crap About the Deficit From Trump’s Assistant Treasury Secretary
Mike Bloomberg secret racist tape worse than you think. (though a significant fraction of Democrats probably agree…)
D.C. Statehood Is Getting A Congressional Vote For The First Time Since 1993
What is driving Sinn Féin’s electoral surge in Ireland?
Trump’s impossible budget
Developing Countries Showing America Up
Vanguard is an anomaly in the investment world. Can it stay that way?
Yes, Trump’s latest Fed pick is that bad. Here’s why.
A Twist in California’s Homeless Crisis: Evictions by the Evicted
Personal Data of All 6.5 Million Israeli Voters Is Exposed (ISRAEL TO IOWA: HOLD MY BEER)

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