Links 2/12/20

Links for you. Science:

Quick retraction of a faulty coronavirus paper was a good moment for science
To fight coronavirus spread, the U.S. may expand ‘social distancing’ measures. But it comes at a cost
The Power Of #Handwashing
Top geneticist ‘should resign’ over his team’s laboratory fraud
Second monarch butterfly sanctuary worker found dead in Mexico


Here’s what Trump did while Congress was busy with impeachment
Donald Trump Will Run To The Left (he will)
Why Trump shouldn’t be allowed to dictate how federal buildings are designed
The Art of Eviction: How one company helps landlords exploit a loophole in New York’s tenant laws.
This Year’s Super Bowl Was Blatantly Propagandistic
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t understand how D.C. eats. Here’s one way.
The GOP Is Sending Out Political Mailers That Look Like Official Census Documents
The Great Affordability Crisis Breaking America
Democrats Have Successfully Implemented a 50-State Strategy
Iowa Should Be a Warning — It’s Time to Switch to Paper Ballots
Will Spotify Ruin Podcasting?
Coronavirus creating havoc with NHL stick supplies
A Bloomberg Presidency Would Have Trump-Size Conflicts of Interest
The Hidden Depression Trump Isn’t Helping
The Post’s masthead will have to accept that it is not God
Could Boston’s tourism industry become a victim of coronavirus?
Trump’s Trade War Will Cost Average Family $1,277 This Year, Budget Office Reveals
Seattle Times Laments Loss of Parking Socialism as Some Condo Parking Hits $100,000 a Spot
Bernie Sanders Has Been Planning A Social Security Fight With Donald Trump For Years
What Might Happen with Unions if Democrats Control Government
For People With Memory Loss, This National Gallery Of Art Tour Is ‘Good For The Soul, And Good For The Brain’

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