Links 2/3/20

Links for you. Science:

Preventing, Containing, and Treating Infectious Disease Outbreaks at Home and Abroad (Warren’s infectious disease plan)
The Deceptively Simple Number Sparking Coronavirus Fears: Here’s what the oft-cited R0 number tells us about the new outbreak—and what it doesn’t
Scientists are unraveling the Chinese coronavirus with unprecedented speed and openness
‘The time to worry is now’: The coronavirus in China could threaten pharma’s ingredient sourcing
Fluorescent pink slug, unique to Australian mountaintop, survives bushfires


Why Republicans shouldn’t fear a Sanders (or Warren) presidency
D.C. Statehood Is Getting A Congressional Vote For The First Time Since 1993
In Rare Joint Statement, Entire D.C. Council Condemns Jack Evans For Running To Replace Himself
DC Mayor’s Support For Bloomberg Comes After A $4 Million Check
Mayor Muriel Bowser Endorses Mike Bloomberg, Gives Him a Pass on His Politically Expedient Stop-and-Frisk Apology
What Bloomberg’s $11 million Super Bowl ad would cost you on your budget
It’s time for D.C. to close the door on Jack Evans
Buy a Painting From this Dog and Get a Cannabis Treat (WHO’S A GOOD BOY?)
MSNBC’s Owners Shower Biden With Campaign Cash
‘High Maintenance’ and the New TV Fantasy of New York
Postal Workers Union With 200,000 Members Endorses Sanders
Trump’s border wall, vulnerable to flash floods, needs large storm gates left open for months (remember that he originally wanted a solid wall…)
Bernie Sanders leads Donald Trump in polls, even when you remind people he’s a socialist
Virginia’s Democratically controlled House passes seven gun control measures
D.C. opioid deaths are surging again, reversing previous year’s decline
US Loses Nearly 4 Million Jobs to China Since WTO Entry
Why Iowa?
Lamar Alexander Has Ushered in the Age of Fearful Men
New York Can Subpoena Ukraine Witnesses and Documents (unfortunately, Cy Vance is a corrupt piece of shit, so…)
The Republican Senate Just Wrote Donald Trump a Blank Check to Ratf*ck the 2020 Election
Trump allies are handing out cash to black voters

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