Links 1/20/20

Links for you. Science:

Human body temperature has declined steadily over the past 160 years
How A Bad Boss Remade Himself As a Climate Hero
Beware a closing of the British mind if we abandon European endeavours
Scientists Design Bacteria-Based Living Concrete
‘What could I have done?’ The scientist who predicted the bushfire emergency four decades ago


You can’t win if you don’t show up to play (excellent)
Why Today’s Shopping Sucks
The final, inevitable collapse of the right-wing media’s Uranium One conspiracy theory: Report that probe will result in no charges shows the danger of trusting Peter Schweizer’s reporting
State Street’s dreary pedestrian conditions could get a big upgrade
Why Amsterdam’s Canal Houses Have Endured for 300 Years
I won’t prosecute adults for simple possession of marijuana. It’s only fair.
How Berlin’s Mietskaserne Tenements Became Coveted Urban Housing
Florida teachers fighting for public education: I stand with you (by Sen. Bernie Sanders)
One of the earliest references to Bernie Sanders in the New York Times
The Trump Administration’s DOJ Won’t Have the Last Word on the Equal Rights Amendment
Meet The Feminist Academics Championing Trans Rights
Debunking the “abortion regret” narrative: Data shows women feel relief, not regret
Is the media about to have a conniption fit over Bernie Sanders?
Three Neo-Nazis Arrested Over Plot To Murder Antifa Couple
Self-Driving Cars Aren’t Good At Seeing Pedestrians With Dark Skin, According To New Study
Swearing-in Bible for Space Force Officers Blessed by National Cathedral
Yes, David Brooks, there really is a class war
State again sends more to federal government than it gets (NY)
Five questions about Trump’s company in 2020

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