Is the Congressional Perspective One Item Among Many?

For reasons that aren’t worth getting into, I recently had to go to a couple House and Senate websites to find some information about legislation. When you scroll through their press pages, you start to realize that their offices have a very different perspective than most activists, commentators, and pseudowoke Twitter (especially the latter). What one finds is that the Big Issue of the News Cycle is typically one item among many (e.g., look at Gillibrand‘s or DeLauro‘s press releases–both of whom are pretty good legislators on the whole). There’s also a lot of ‘bringing home the boodle’ press releases, as well as items about issues that are of local importance (e.g., Sandy Hook and gun control for DeLauro who is from Connecticut).

While I do think established members of Congress need to get better at The Strategery and focus, it’s worth noting that’s not how many members, including powerful ones such as DeLauro and Gillibrand see their jobs, if what they are communicating to the public is any indication.

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