Links 1/17/20

Links for you. Science:

New Delhi Metallo-β-Lactamase-5–Producing Escherichia coli in Companion Animals, United States
Genetic sequencing of measles suggests a much older history for the virus
The Trouble with Crime Statistics
‘The colour is blue’: Strange changes to Mekong River as hydropower dams and climate change make their mark
The Past and the Future of the Earth’s Oldest Trees


PolitiFact Wrongly Lets Biden Off the Hook: The Truth About Social Security Cuts
Joe Biden Thinks Coal Miners Should Learn to Code. A Real Just Transition Demands Far More. (important)
The Third Rail of Calling ‘Sexism’: Warren tried not to talk about it.
Should Public Transit Be Free? More Cities Say, Why Not?
How China Obtains American Trade Secrets
Advocates Worry D.C.’s Paid Family Leave Will Neglect Some Workers
Democrats file ethics complaint over Republican ‘trackers’ roaming House halls
Two Sides
Your Favorite Candidate Sucks
Could Rebellious Teens Please Just Go Back to Worshipping the Devil?
Mayor Pete Needs to Explain His Very Dumb Health Plan
Joe Biden Is Still Lying About His Role in Invading Iraq
Marcus Goodwin enters at-large D.C. Council race to succeed David Grosso
Community meeting aims to prepare K Street encampment residents for eviction
Scott Walker’s Foxconn Deal Looks Like a Giant Bunco Scheme
As City Prepares to Clear NoMa Underpass, Residents Pack Up and Look for Solutions
Four big takeaways from the explosive Lev Parnas documents
Pack the Union: A Proposal to Admit New States for the Purpose of Amending the Constitution to Ensure Equal Representation
Does CNN Have It In For Bernie Sanders?
Elizabeth Wurtzel and the Illusion of Gen-X Success: “Prozac Nation” seemed to herald a boundless future for young creatives. It was actually the beginning of the end.
The administration’s deceptions about the Soleimani strike are a big deal

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