Links 1/15/20

Links for you. Science:

The Flu Season May Yet Turn Ugly, C.D.C. Warns
African grey parrots spontaneously ‘lend a wing’
Attacks by Urban Coyotes Are Rare, but Frightening
We need a clear vision into food safety for 2020
Hospital superbug outbreak – 71 new cases (that’s a lot of cases for one hospital)


Media Failed Us During the Iraq War (important retrospective)
Business as Usual: How the elite university promotes McKinsey’s reputation as essentially benign
Congress Finally Begins to Assert Its War Powers Authority
They Made a Movie Out of It
Congresswoman Urges USDA to Investigate Payments to JBS USA
Some Advice For Political Readers In 2020. Or How To Be Informed.
Elizabeth Warren Has Made Disability Rights Central to Her Campaign
The Only Thing Stopping Us From Taxing the Rich Is Political Will
The Cost of an Extra Foot
Mike Bloomberg Says He’s Immune to Corporate Influence. His Campaign Is Managed by Lobbyists.
An Interracial, Intergenerational Battle Is Brewing In The Race To Replace Mitch McConnell
The Democrats must become a real anti-war party: Our military budget is larger than the next seven countries’ combined. Yet most Democratic elites can’t admit this is insane
What ‘Livability’ Looks Like for Black Women
During Iran Speech, Trump Demonstrated That He Is Not Well
For reporters needing to convince editors they can safely mention Trump’s prior financial ties to the IRGC, here are the receipts
What if modern conspiracy theorists are altogether too media literate?
The 1% are much more satisfied with their lives than everyone else, survey finds
There’s a non-zero possibility that Iran has a fleet of Communist assassin dolphins
For Washington’s newest museum, big hopes on a small budget
Donald Trump Is About To Put His Stamp On The U.S. Postal Service

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  1. Mr Grumpy says:

    With regard to the race to unseat McConnell, the best candidate is the one that gets no press. Mike Broiher, retired Marine Lt Col, small farmer, and boring 50+ white guy. Everything that I’ve seen that he’s said or written has been spot on perfect. But he’ll be completely ignored by those who like a shiny pony. Reminds me of everyone I know who should be a big Bernie or Warren fan but who, instead, like the pony that is Mayor Butthead.

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