Self-Induced Abortions In Texas: No One Could Have Predicted…

And this in part can be laid at the feet of triangulation (boldface mine):

Overall, 1.7% of women aged 18-49 [in Texas] reported that they had ever tried to end a pregnancy on their own. As noted above, since women tend to underreport abortion in surveys, this gives us a low estimate for the frequency of abortion self-induction in the general population.

When asked about their best friends, 1.8% said they were sure their best friend had done this, and an additional 2.3% said they suspected she had done this. This gives us a high estimate of 4.1% of adult women of reproductive age who have ever attempted abortion self-induction. By applying these proportions to the 5,949,149 women aged 18-49 in Texas, we estimate that somewhere between 100,000 and 240,000 women in this age range have tried to end a pregnancy on their own without medical assistance

In an analysis that controlled for a variety of sociodemographic factors, including age and reported history of abortion, we found that the following populations were significantly more likely to know someone who had attempted self-induction or to have done it themselves:

  • Latina women living in a county that borders Mexico
  • Women who reported that they had ever found it difficult to obtain reproductive health services like birth control or Pap smears (for example, because of the cost of these services or because of difficuties arranging transport to a clinic)

In a sense, this is substantiating the obvious: women who don’t have access to safe, legal abortion will avail themselves of unsafe, illegal abortions, since as long as women have been getting pregnant, a substantial number have been trying to become ‘unpregnant.’

This is also why the New Democrat–and former Hillary Clinton–formulation of ‘safe, legal, and rare‘ was so disastrous–it stigmatized abortion making it easier to pass these restrictive laws. It should have always been ‘safe, legal, and when deemed necessary by a woman.’ Period.

While Hillary Clinton has evolved away from that formulation (my suspicion is that she never liked it), it did a lot of damage in the long-term. One wonders what other damage is being done by this style of triangulation [minimum wage, cough, cough].

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  1. kaleberg says:

    Seriously, some one needs to develop a safe, effective method for abortion that involves firing a firearm. I’m not saying shoot the fetus, but if a gun were involved somehow then abortion would be a sacred American right. (We’d even see men clamoring for the right to have an abortion.)

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