Links 12/4/19

Links for you. Science:

These corals could survive climate change — and help save the world’s reefs
Prestigious NY Cancer Center Will Spend $3.7M To Study Bogus Cancer Treatment
Big Calculator: How Texas Instruments Monopolized Math Class
Chesapeake Bay dead zone was “high normal” for 2019
A Lawsuit at Harvard Pries Open Debates About Science and Reparations


Everything You Need To Know About The Next Recession (Max speak. You listen!)
What’s Behind the Subprime Consumer Loan Implosion? (important)
Trump official who promoted fringe conspiracy theories now senior adviser at State Department
Why I’m Running to Be America’s First Black, Gay Congressman
Biden Claimed He Wanted to Earn Every Vote
Medicare for All isn’t tanking Warren (“It is not, in other words, Medicare for All that has sunk Elizabeth Warren – it’s Elizabeth Warren who is sinking Medicare for All.”)
Meet the Men Fueling the Climate Crisis: Until there are courts willing to hold the titans of the climate crisis accountable, it’s up to people to begin calling them out by name.
There’s a major political war brewing in New York (Cuomo is still an asshole)
Crusading Autoworkers Are Fighting to Take Back Their Union From an Employer-Backed Culture of Corruption
How The Interior Department Got Swamped
An interview with historian Gordon Wood on the New York Times’ 1619 Project
Silicon Valley’s Sun Kings
Books Have the Power to Rehabilitate. But Prisons Are Blocking Access to Them.
Red Summer, 100 years later: 1919 was a yearlong litany of white brutality against black Americans
Red Summer, 100 years later: Its legacy of racial division and hate is buried in our demography
Trump Regularly ‘Can’t Remember What He’s Said or Been Told,’ White House Insider Says
The death of free markets
Photos: Preserving community in Chinatown
Boston’s Chinatown is poised on a precipice
Congress should let D.C. buy RFK Stadium
In academia, there’s a caste system for parents and it could backfire

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  1. David Taylor, MD, PhD says:

    The headline “Prestigious NY Cancer Center Will Spend $3.7M To Study Bogus Cancer Treatment” is a bit deceptive — MSK is proposing to use acupuncture for pain management, which is often part of “cancer treatment” regimens, but is not treatment of cancer. Acupuncture may be a bogus form of pain treatment, but to imply that it’s a form of cancer treatment might not be accurate.

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