Links 12/9/20

Links for you. Science:

Scientists solve mystery of mass coho salmon deaths. The killer? A chemical from car tires
Patient-reported outcome measures after COVID-19: a prospective cohort study
20% of COVID-19 Patients Develop Mental Illness
Improving surveillance estimates of COVID-19 incidence in the United States (actual paper here)
Agents raid home of fired Florida data scientist who built COVID-19 dashboard


The pandemic was already testing me. Then a man covered in Nazi tattoos showed up in my ER.
After first round of vaccine distributions, bulk of planning remains unfinished
The difference in how the pandemic has affected the U.S. and South Korea remains staggering
The government’s failure to provide economic relief is killing people
The pandemic’s death toll is a tsunami anyone could see coming — if they looked
Lansing Board of Water & Light Ottawa Street Power Station (1937-40) Lansing, MI
More students than ever got F’s in first term of 2020-21 school year — but are A-F grades fair in a pandemic?
John F. Dye Water Conditioning Plant (1938-39) Lansing, MI
Ravens say coronavirus protocol wasn’t fully followed, outbreak involved at least four strains
Tipped Service Workers Are More Vulnerable Amid Pandemic Harassment Spike
England will no longer require ‘high value’ business travelers to quarantine (apparently, rich people don’t shed virus)
Washington state wedding may have caused deadly outbreak in 2 long-term care facilities
David Perdue’s smarmy new Fox News interview showcases the Trump effect
Pete Davidson rips Staten Island ‘babies’ over anti-COVID lockdown protests on ‘Saturday Night Live’
Abolishing the Electoral College is closer than you think
Federal Relief Proposals Aren’t Enough to Thwart Some of the Worst Transit Cuts: As Congress debates proposals to give public transit half of what was sought, officials warn of cuts that would gut regional economies.
‘Do people understand what’s happening here? Do they care?’ Bruce MacGillis, on the excruciating wait for a vaccine inside a coronavirus-infected nursing home
Former Alabama senator dies of Covid at age 78, and in his last words warns, ‘We messed up’: “We let our guards down. Please tell everybody to be careful. This is real, and if you get diagnosed, get help immediately,” former Sen. Larry Dixon said.
Florida State Police Raid Home Of COVID Whistleblower, Point Guns At Her & Her Family, Seize All Her Computer Equipment
Black Lives Matter activists strike back at Dems slamming ‘defund the police’

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