Links 11/28/19

Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

CMA Drops the (Preliminary) Hammer on ILMN-PacBio
No, koalas are not ‘functionally extinct’, but they are in trouble
Trump’s EPA Is Promoting a Conspiracy Theory Created by Big Tobacco
How Purdue planted its ‘anti-story’ and delayed the reckoning for its role in the opioid epidemic
Top Chinese researcher faces questions about image manipulation


The comically obvious corruption missing from Trump’s impeachment hearings (yes, see #3)
Sacha Baron Cohen’s scathing attack on Facebook in full: ‘greatest propaganda machine in history’. In a speech, the actor argued that Facebook would have run ads by Hitler. Here are his remarks in full.
This week saw a one-two punch to local news: the GannettHouse merger and news that McClatchy is in serious financial trouble.
What Joe Biden Can’t Bring Himself to Say: His verbal stumbles have voters worried about his mental fitness. Maybe they’d be more understanding if they knew he’s still fighting a stutter.
There Are Two Separate Impeachment Hearings Happening Right Now — And Republicans Are Winning Theirs
The Conservative Establishment’s Nightmare Is Only Just Beginning
Term Limits For Legislators Are a Dreadful Idea
Fiona Hill shows how Trump and Republicans function as Putin’s useful idiots
Here’s One Reason the U.S. Military Can’t Fix Its Own Equipment
Trump’s GOP defenders cannot be shamed. It’s time to try this instead.
Why I’m Endorsing Elizabeth Warren (Ady Barkan)
“I absolutely think First Amendment law has shifted from protecting dissenters and socially marginal speakers to protecting powerful and wealthy speakers”: A discussion with law professor Gregory P. Magarian about the First Amendment and the recent events at Indiana University
The Beautifully Macabre Cartoons of Gahan Wilson
Health Care Dysfunction Makes it to the Presidential Debate
America Will Never Live Down Trump’s War Crime Pardons
If John Bolton Keeps Refusing to Testify, Congress Should Arrest Him
CAP’s Topher Spiro Is Trying to Deceive Journalists By Lying
Texts From Elon Musk to His Engineering Team
Why skeptics on the left should care about impeachment
India: Intimations of an Ending
Fiona Hill’s Testimony Was Devastating for Trump. But the foreign policy expert was too quick to blame America’s ills on external forces.
Mark Zuckerberg is a Rich Jerk

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