Links 11/17/19

Links for you. Science:

Drunk Birds Displaying Strange Behaviour In Reykjavik
Bad dog? Think twice before yelling, experts say
Constructing A Graph for Genome Comparison Swiftly
Reintroducing mothur: 10 years later
This Is How Astronomers Will Finally Measure The Universe’s Expansion Directly


Are D.C.’s Streets Finally Getting Safer? (sort of. And see this comment.)
How California Became America’s Housing Market Nightmare
Is Your Employer Stealing From You?
How news media are setting the 2020 election agenda: Chasing daily controversies, often burying policy
Millions in U.S. Lost Someone Who Couldn’t Afford Treatment
Sanders Couldn’t Stop Laughing at Report of Bezos Asking Bloomberg About Presidential Run
Google Collecting Medical Data on Millions Without Informing Patients or Doctors
Veterans Day disgrace: Stop deporting immigrants who served, make them American citizens
The new book “Better Buses, Better Cities” breaks down how transit advocates can win
Federal health contract funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to Trump allies
This Data Proves — Once And For All — The Stereotypes About Lazy Millennials Are Wrong
Who’s Afraid of Elizabeth Warren?
How Donald Trump Jr. Landed Smack in the Middle of a Right-Wing Civil War
Trump Knows the Power of the Supreme Court—Why Don’t Democrats? (because professional Democrats are hapless and suck at their jobs)
The SoftBank Effect: How $100 Billion Left Workers in a Hole
Capitalism and socialism are just words (and misused without context)
Where Civility Is a Motto, a School Integration Fight Turns Bitter
Warren says out-of-pocket health spending will total $11 trillion in 10 years. We checked the math
16-Inch MacBook Pro First Impressions: Great Keyboard, Outstanding Speakers
As Push for Higher Minimum Wages Grows, New York Offers a Test Case
Vote-By-Mail System Nearly Doubles Voter Turnout In Rockville Election

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