Links 10/28/19

Links for you. Science:

Air Pollution Is Linked to Miscarriages in China
Danish levels of antimicrobial resistance in animals and meat stable
Fired EPA scientists to release air pollution report they say agency unqualified to issue
Microbiome research needs a gut check
Off Track: Why today’s early-career researchers are looking beyond tenure


Centrist Democrats Want You to Think They’re the Big Boys on the Stage
Beware Arguments For Privatization
Add risk of government shutdown to impeachment and other legislative logjams (without spending bills, Nov. 21 is the shutdown date)
SUVs Are Back, and They’re Spewing a Boggling Amount of Carbon
As if I needed any more reminders that there are too many guns in the hands of idiots, having an idiot actually shoot at me and my wife really seals the deal.
Or, as the kids once called it, the Bush Administration
For decades, Buddy Cianci’s ex-wife stayed silent about their marriage. Now she’s speaking out
Senators propose near-total ban on worker noncompete agreements
Pete Buttigieg Is the Past
“Everybody Is Freaking Out”: Freelance Writers Scramble to Make Sense of New California Law
This Sure Looks Like Mitt Romney’s Secret Twitter Account
House Democrats Demand Probe Into ‘Suspicious’ Stock Trades Surrounding Economy-Shifting Statements by Trump
Want Trump to Go? Take to the Streets: Another moment for public protest has arrived
Trump was the 1st presidential candidate in history to run a pure base mobilization campaign. At any other point in history, his candidacy would have been a disaster
Federal land employees were threatened or assaulted 360 times in recent years, GAO says
She Had a Stillborn Baby. She Faults an Ambulance Delay. (this shit hasn’t happened for a while. We are moving backwards)
Marylanders narrowly favor D.C. statehood, unlike Americans overall, according to Post-U. Md. poll
Baltimore County is trying again to expand low-income rental choices and opponents are getting organized (racists gonna racist)
Chancellor pledges to review D.C.’s controversial teacher evaluation system
Want Trump removed? New data shows Fox News is a huge obstacle. (no nation can endure half-Fox News and half free)

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