One Problem with Right Wing Conspiracism

As movement conservatism continues its long descent into nothing more than a mass communicable psychotic break, it leaves behind lots of wreckage. One problem is that the sheer number of hardcore Trumpists means that de-Trumpification will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. But that’s for the future, assuming there is one.

The crazy conspiracism, such as QAnon or the insurance policy, means we spend too much time refuting that madness. Worse, these conspiracies are pushed by supposed news organizations* (boldface mine):

As The Washington Post detailed Thursday night, Solomon’s work “has played an important role in advancing a flawed, Trump-friendly tale of corruption in Ukraine,” most notably the allegation that law enforcement leaked files pertaining to Paul Manafort to try and help Hillary Clinton win the election, and that the American ambassador to Ukraine had tried to interfere with Lutsenko’s ability to prosecute corruption under Obama. In one column, Solomon quoted Lutsenko openly asking to speak with Attorney General Bill Barr about his investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances.

It’s a familiar tale: Conservative media hypes up some thinly-spun allegation; the president, who is a Fox News grandpa, gets deeply suckered in; the president then goes on Fox News and calls the allegations “big” and “incredible.” Eventually, the story falls apart, but by then it’s already too late. (Lutsenko later said “that there was no evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden or his son,” according to the Post.) And now we all have to find out who Yuri Lutsenko is, and keep track of dozens of competing claims about Democratic schemes to sway elections, just in order to follow the news. Never mind climate change or gun control; now you have to spend all your energy figuring out which Ukrainian is the good prosecutor and which is the bad one, and remembering the details of why Joe Biden really is innocent in case your uncle starts shouting at you about it over the spaghetti.

It is such a waste of time and effort to have to respond to what are right-wing fever dreams. No nation can endure half Pizzagate and half free.

*I try to never link to The Hill, unless no one else is covering the story.

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3 Responses to One Problem with Right Wing Conspiracism

  1. Ron Zoscak says:

    OK, so I guess it’s time that we reveal the “truth”; that the republican leadership, QAnon, Zuckerberg, and Putin are all shape-shifting reptilian extraterrestrials laying the groundwork for the imminent invasion of Earth and the enslavement of humanity as a workforce and food source, and our only defense is if the great, powerful, and wise Donald Trump fires Pence, replaces him with Warren or Hillary or Harris, and helps them and a democratic congress institute slightly left of center policies that will foil the alien’s plans and forever enshrine Trump as the savior of humanity. Get crackin’!

  2. paintedjaguar says:

    It’s not the Republicans who have spent the entirety of Trump’s reign drumming up a groundless conspiracy theory (Russiagate) which has pushed everything else else out of the spotlight, including legitimate solutions to the security concerns these new Cold Warriors like to harp about. Not to mention totally corrupting most of the media and putting them to the service of US intelligence apparatchiks. Or perhaps the media was already that corrupt… Trump is just a symptom, he’s not the problem and getting rid of him will solve nothing.

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