Links 10/7/19

Links for you. Science:

Toxoplasma ‘cat poo’ parasite infects billions – so why is it so hard to study?
Can you spot the duplicates? Critics say these photos of lionfish point to fraud
USDA expects ‘significant delays’ in economic research reports
In 2000, measles had been officially ‘eliminated’ in the U.S. Will that change?
Warren plan aims for more tech-savvy Congress


How Minnesota Republican operatives are sowing distrust of Muslims
Cosmo Asks Bernie Sanders the Questions Young Women Want Answered
There Is Nothing Super about “Super-Commuting”
Paul Romer is a Smartest Boy Urbanist and I wish he’d sit down
Editorial: President Trump needs to step down (first newspaper to do so)
It’s Time for a Groundswell
The Left Needs to Seize Impeachment From Centrist Elites
Here’s What Democrats Need to Do to Pull Off a Successful Impeachment Inquiry
She Was a Progressive Darling for Years. Now She’s Facing 4 Primary Challenges From the Left.
The government might ask activists to repay the costs of securing protests. Experts say it could price them out.
Why We Don’t Need To Debate ‘High Crimes And Misdemeanors’ For A Trump Impeachment
Snarling D.C.’s traffic to protest climate change: Inconvenient and way overdue
The Fetishization of Employer-Provided Health Care
Parking Lots Are Hard
Why Cheaper Drugs from Canada Likely Won’t Cure What Ails US
The Trumpian Christians
When the Party’s Over
The bus — yes, the bus — is key to fixing our transportation woes
The Case for Trump’s Impeachment Goes Beyond Ukraine

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2 Responses to Links 10/7/19

  1. Zachary Smith says:

    The Case for Trump’s Impeachment Goes Beyond Ukraine
    This is an unusual case of a headline being much better than the article. I’ll grant the impeachment potential of the Ukraine mess. Most of the other items on the list involve an ignorant, incompetent, and arrogant bully making a mess of US diplomacy. The inclusion of Russiagate makes me suspect author William Saletan is a neocon nut, and that he ought to apply for a job at the NYT.

    The Trumpian Christians
    I understand this article is focusing on “leaders”, but the crazier of the right-wing ‘christians’ were nutty a long time before Trump appeared on the scene.
    The children at the Kids on Fire summer camp are intent as they pray over a cardboard cutout of President George Bush. If there are any doubts about the matter, make an image search for “Bush” and “halo”.

    Why We Don’t Need To Debate ‘High Crimes And Misdemeanors’ For A Trump Impeachment
    Though I’m not a lawyer, the presentation in this article seemed to make lots of sense.

    It’s Time for a Groundswell

    Instead, we propose the federal and state governments fully fund public education in the United States, because your ZIP code should not determine the level of funding your school receives.

    Great idea, but I doubt if the Power Elites will allow it to happen.

    Editorial: President Trump needs to step down
    Excellent. But I’m still not convinced the Democrats are playing to win on this issue.

    Toxoplasma ‘cat poo’ parasite infects billions – so why is it so hard to study?
    This one kept my attention from beginning to end. Given how I avoid cats as much as possible and have never knowingly eaten raw or rare meat, I wonder if my odds of being “clear” of the disease are a bit better than the usual run.

  2. Zachary Smith says:

    At the clickbait RT site was a headline which ought to be some kind of a pre-Halloween trick:

    With Clinton & Romney both rumored to be JOINING 2020 race, has politics gone the way of Hollywood?

    Still believing this was a bad joke, I made a search for “Hillary” “2020”. The results were ugly. Would the DNC do it? Is the Pope Catholic? Sanders and Warren might have to join forces – make a pact that one of them (the one with the most convention delegates) would head the ticket, and the other would be VP. Otherwise we could be looking a replay of 2016, or no choice at all. And neither one of the horrible candidates would be willing to do anything worthwhile about Climate Change.

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