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Links for you. Science:

Against neurodiversity: The movement has good intentions, but it favours the high-functioning and overlooks those who struggle with severe autism
Farm Animals Are the Next Big Antibiotic Resistance Threat
Keeping hives to save bees is like keeping chickens to save birds
Cats Like People! (Some People, Anyway)
Opium-Addicted Parrots Are Terrorizing Poppy Farms in India


A Crackdown on Islam Is Spreading Across China
How the White Nationalists Who Love Trump Found Inspiration in the Group That Gave Us Narendra Modi
You Might Not Want to Eat Bugs. But Would You Eat Meat That Ate Bugs?
Bernie Sanders: As Trump meets with India’s Modi, a reminder to put human rights at center of U.S. foreign policy
The Future Is Ours for the Taking
Elizabeth Warren secured endorsement from far-left ‘Working Families Party’ after think tank where her daughter is chairwoman gave it $45,000 (infrastructure building is fine, just figure out a way to not be so stupid about it)
Impeachment treats a symptom, but it can’t cure the disease
Trump must be destroyed
How about an anonymous Senate vote on articles of impeachment?
Impeachment Shouldn’t Be the Goal of Impeachment
Paul Ryan Is Concerned
To beat Trump, try running an outsider
Don’t Overthink It
Bernie Sanders Proposes a Wealth Tax, Taking Aim at Billionaires
Marginally Connected Thoughts on Impeachment, the Democratic Primary, Climate, Activism, and How We Process the World
Their Northern Virginia neighbor apparently saved his swastika cookies for special guests (eagerly awaiting the NY Times piece calling him a swing voter)
About That ‘Favor’ Trump Wanted From Ukraine
Warren Is Spending Campaign Cash to Unseat Susan Collins
The Democrats shepherding Pelosi’s drug pricing bill have taken plenty of campaign cash from pharma
A 51st State? The District of Columbia Aims for Its Star
Survey finds 60 percent of Mass. biotech workers would change job to get a better commute
The strange career of Rudy Giuliani, from US attorney to Trump bagman, explained

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    Marginally Connected Thoughts on Impeachment, the Democratic Primary, Climate, Activism, and How We Process the World
    Good stuff here. Two parts which caught my eye:

    As an aside, I also urge them to never, ever, ever, ever watch any of the trash that passes for cable news, which feeds into all of this.
    Climate change is a far more important issue than impeachment, and that’s not me trivializing impeachment. Simply put, climate change is far and away the greatest crisis in the history of human beings as a species.

    As an aside of my own, I would urge caution with anything you see on the boob tube. I’m mostly cold turkey with the devices, but sometimes I’m compelled to sit though one of the “news” programs. More often than not that ends with me yelling at the TV.

    Bernie Sanders Proposes a Wealth Tax: ‘I Don’t Think That Billionaires Should Exist’
    I can imagine about three outcomes if the wealth imbalances continue as they are. 1) Something like Bernie’s proposal happens. 2) A violent outburst breaks out lots of things get broken. 3) A virtually unbreakable police state nails down the roles of Lords and Serfs. It seems to me #1 would work out better for most everybody concerned

    Don’t Overthink It
    If Trump isn’t brought to heel his next action will be worse. And the one after that will be another major step towards a chaotic Orange Dictatorship.

    To beat Trump, try running an outsider
    Was this author dropped on his head when he was a baby?

    Impeachment Shouldn’t Be the Goal of Impeachment
    I’d suggest any reader skip the first four paragraphs, at least on the first pass. This turned out to be OK, but both the headline and the beginning were awful.

    How about an anonymous Senate vote on articles of impeachment?
    I doubt of the goon Mitch McConnell would allow it, even if such a scheme is legal.

    BTW Romney is very obviously positioning himself to be the Savior of the Republic and the Republican Party, should mere anarchy be loosed upon the world.

    For what it’s worth, I came to the same conclusion the moment I saw Romney’s name in a recent headline. In my opinion he and Ryan were put at the top of the GOP ticket to ensure the reelection of Obama in 2012. The Powers That Be had to pick two especially horrible people to make certain their dark-skinned puppet stayed in office.

    Trump must be destroyed
    Campos can’t bring himself to say exactly how Trump got lucky. (sandbagging Sanders by Hillary, handpicking the horrible Trump as Hillary’s opponent, and a billion dollars of free “elevation” (by the Hillary-loving media) for the Orange Oaf. Then there was the small factor of Hillary being the most hated politician in recent memory.) Nor did he mention that both Hillary and the GOP cheated. The GOP were more effective cheaters, pure and simple.

    You Might Not Want to Eat Bugs. But Would You Eat Meat That Ate Bugs?
    The author is not unqualified to write this, but I suspect he didn’t spend as much time with the piece as he should have. So far as I know they still put anything and everything into animal feed. Chickens are fed ground-up waste body parts from cattle slaughter houses, and in turn the cows are fed chicken shit.
    We Feed Cows Chicken Poop
    People who love their meat probably shouldn’t look too closely at this issue. A few insects are no problem at all for me.

    Farm Animals Are the Next Big Antibiotic Resistance Threat
    Another instance of the headline writer sabotaging a decent article. This is not a new problem. From the “Antibiotic use in livestock” wiki”:

    It was discovered in the 1940’s that feeding subtherapeutic levels of antibiotics improved feed efficiency and accelerated animal growth. Following this discovery, American Cyanamid published research establishing the practice of using antibiotic growth promoters. By 2001, this practice had grown so much that a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists found that nearly 90% of the total use of antimicrobials in the United States was for non-therapeutic purposes in agricultural production.

    IMO the obesity epidemic in the US has many causes, but the antibiotic residues in US meat are at least a part of the problem. Antibiotics cause the same weight gain in people the feed lot operators find so useful. It may be a small thumb on the scale, but it’s real and the pressure is always towards more body fat.

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