Links 10/5/19

Links for you. Science:

Why turkeys circle dead things—the creepy vigil, explained
Number Theorist Fears All Published Math Is Wrong
We’re Ignoring the Biggest Cause of the Measles Crisis
The Game That Made Rats Jump for Joy
This Week’s Scary Bug—Is EEE Really Coming To Get You?


The Police Can’t Solve the Problem. They Are the Problem.
A Major Cannabis-Review Site Is Shutting Down Because Its Founder Doesn’t Think There’s Any Safe Way to Consume Weed
Why More DC Men Are Dyeing Their Gray Hair
D.C.’s Most Hyperlocal Elected Officials Want More Support For Their Neighborhoods
Bowser renews push for Metro to restore late-night hours
Trump’s CrowdStrike Obsession Has Roots in DC
Ron DeSantis’ political team planned $25K golf games, $250K ‘intimate gatherings,’ memos say (now this is corruption…)
Paul Ryan Is Concerned
Force Drug Companies to Lower Prices: Presidents have two powerful sticks that could weaken the pharmaceutical industry’s power to rake in astronomical profits.
Are Democrats ready for the coming disinformation tsunami?
Statehood Hearing: Seven Things We Learned
I Was Andrew Yang’s First ‘Freedom Dividend’ Recipient – When He Fired Me
Springsteen at Seventy
Justice sometimes needs a do-over
Why Greta is Good
‘Boiling us like frogs’: China’s clampdown on Muslims creeps into the heartland, finds new targets
The Untold Story: Joe Biden Pushed Ronald Reagan to Ramp Up Incarceration — Not the Other Way Around
This Is Not Sparta
Games Economists Play
Sicilians dare to believe: the mafia’s cruel reign is over
Cory Booker once allied himself with Betsy DeVos on school choice. Not anymore.

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    ‘Boiling us like frogs’: China’s clampdown on Muslims creeps into the heartland, finds new targets
    China certainly has a security problem with its Muslim population, but the barbaric response to the meddling by Turkey, the US, and others doesn’t look good. Unless they’re using some ethnic cleansing experts from the Apartheid state, I suspect they’re building themselves a larger problem for the future than is strictly necessary.

    Why Greta is Good
    The headline may be a stretch, but I’ve yet to see anything “Bad” about her. The fact the kid irritates so many of the Powerful and merely Loud is something to cheer about. Even Trump has had the sense not to go overboard in with his trademark abuse.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg may have been manipulated to serve the interests of others.
    Speaking at an energy forum in Moscow on Wednesday, Putin said: “I don’t share exultation about Greta Thunberg.”
    The Russian leader called Thunberg a “kind and sincere girl” who doesn’t understand complex global issues such as the barriers to cleaner energy in developing countries.
    Putin added, “It’s deplorable when someone is using children and teenagers in their interests.” He didn’t elaborate.
    Putin says Russia has fulfilled its obligations under an international agreement to tackle global warming.

    The first part is a reminder that Putin is the leader of a nation which sells a LOT of fossil fuels. He is just full of crap with the remark about developing countries. I’ll grant that Thunberg is manipulated puppet, but so what? She’s making a lot of the right kind of noise, and pissing off a lot of jerks. Putin’s claim about Russia ‘fulfilling obligations’ is probably accurate, and that’s a good illustration of how bad those international agreements have been. Another quote – this one from the link:

    This week, Thunberg bluntly told members of the US Congress, to their faces, to stop kissing her ass. “Please save your praise,” she said. “We don’t want it. Don’t invite us here just to tell us how inspiring we are because it doesn’t lead to anything.” She said, “I know you are trying but just not hard enough. Sorry.”

    Being told to their faces they’re worthless must have stung a little bit. I hope it did. Of course there are others willing to do the work of Big Fossil Fuels. Piers Morgan (whoever he is):

    ‘She’s got just very, very angry about climate change, abused loads of adults & terrified millions of children.’

    What a jackass! I recall reading about an autistic woman (Temple Grandin, Ph.D) who designed a humane system for leading animals into slaughter houses. Does Piers Morgan believe Greta ought to do the same with today’s generation of children? I wish somebody would ask him that – to his face.

    Force Drug Companies to Lower Prices
    This is another reason to put a decent person into the White House. But I fear the author overlooked something – Big Pharma could challenge any attempts to bring them under control by taking a case to our very Right Wing Supreme Court. IMO their chances of winning such a hearing would be well above average.

    Paul Ryan Is Concerned
    From my point of view, if this execrable excuse for a human being is “concerned”, either something good is happening, or possibly about to happen.

    A Major Cannabis-Review Site Is Shutting Down Because Its Founder Doesn’t Think There’s Any Safe Way to Consume Weed
    Without knowing a thing about this person, I’d still rate him as likely well above average in honesty.

    Tierney used weed for decades to help with anxiety and depression before he became a cannabis business owner. He says his concern was heightened by a health scare: He began coughing up blood about a month ago and decided to quit dabbing—consuming heated, highly concentrated THC. After quitting, “I feel enormously better,” he says. Tierney hasn’t given up cannabis altogether—he still consumes a joint or two a day—but that’s the goal.

    A guy I know once decided to ‘bulk up’ and started taking steroids. He told me afterwards that when he started peeing blood was when he decided to quit. And he did quit – the man is normal to even scrawny in size these days.

    The Police Can’t Solve the Problem. They Are the Problem.
    Stories like this tell me Biden is being pointed to the door. It can hardly be denied his fingerprints were all over the 1994 Crime bill.

    This Week’s Scary Bug—Is EEE Really Coming To Get You?Text
    Forbes is a scary site to me, so when I find a decent article there I’m pleasantly surprised. (This is because the good ones are still the exception.)

    We’re Ignoring the Biggest Cause of the Measles Crisis

    As a pediatric infectious diseases physician, this frustrates me. The parents insisted they were not anti-vaxxers, so I went to their pediatrician’s office in the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn where the outbreak was centered. I assumed their doctor was to blame. I was wrong.

    When I read this I was reminded of some lyrics from the Man of La Mancha: “Whether the stone hits the pitcher or the pitcher hits the stone – It’s going to be bad for the pitcher”.
    Antivaxxers are everywhere, but are there many other places with the arrogant stubbornness of this group? What I suspect is some creative and sneaky anti-vaxxing going on here.

    Number Theorist Fears All Published Math Is Wrong
    The headline is so awful I went to the link expecting the worst. Turned out to be an interesting little story with a click-bait title.

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