Links 9/9/19

Links for you. Science:

Can We Survive Extreme Heat?
‘Gay gene’ search reveals not one but many – and no way to predict sexuality
First people in the Americas came by sea, ancient tools unearthed by Idaho river suggest
The Other Man-Made Disaster Ravaging the Amazon
The politics of starving orcas: Why human folly is killing off an endangered population


The Trump Administration Wants To Start DNA Testing Undocumented Immigrants In Government Custody (how about we do unprocessed rape kits first?)
After More Than Four Years, The Chillers At Dupont Circle And Farragut North Are Fixed
The strange saga of Stephanie Grisham: MAGA is a reward program for mediocre white people
For Many D.C. Residents Experiencing Homelessness, The Internet Is ‘An Absolute Necessity’
Leaked Emails Show How White Nationalists Have Infiltrated Conservative Media
Guess What Happens?
Uber And Lyft Don’t Have A Right To Exist
The Megyn Kelly Syndrome Strikes Bret Stephens
Elizabeth Warren: Here’s how we get broadband Internet to rural America
Here Are 7 ‘Left Wing’ Ideas (Almost) All Americans Can Get Behind
Hickenlooper endorsement dividing Colorado Democratic Party, internal emails show
‘A Racist Narrative’: Biden Warned of Welfare Moms Driving Luxury Cars
The electoral college is in trouble
The ‘reasonable’ rebels
Getting Fired Ain’t the Story
A Soccer Game Becomes an Anti-Fascist Demonstration in Portland
Is a giant lion statue being stored under a D.C. tunnel? I decided to find out.
In Georgetown, some streets have been renamed again and again

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** The electoral college is in trouble ***
    Author Dionne must have been hard-pressed for a topic. Either that, or the Bezo’s Blog Post instructed him to beat on this particular drum.

    ^^^ Still, Cohn’s calculations were revelatory. He stressed, for example, that higher turnout in 2020, which is generally seen as helping Democrats, could actually boost Trump in the key states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and especially Wisconsin by bringing out more of the Trump base. ^^^

    The Nate Cohn piece he thinks is so wonderful is a genuine piece of work. Down in the comments of that article was this:

    “Hidden in the very last paragraph — “… his approval ratings suggest he could lose. Perhaps even decisively.”
    His approval ratings are underwater in the states that he needs to win, but somehow a prognostication about high turnout among the minority of voters that support him is the answer to that data.”

    Yes, that Cohn article assumes there are massive numbers of Trumpies still hidden in the woodwork of the Swing States, that none of them have learned a thing from watching the boob in the White House, and that their enthusiasm will be far greater than the Democrats who were disgusted by Hillary. Dumb, dumb, and dumb. As a side note, Cohn appears to be simulating a replay of 2016, for Sanders, Warren, and none of the others are mentioned.

    *** First people in the Americas came by sea, ancient tools unearthed by Idaho river suggest ***
    I’d already read this and downloaded their Journal paper. If the dating holds up, some history books are going to have to be rewritten. Really fascinating stuff.

    *** Can We Survive Extreme Heat? ***
    Too narrowly focused in my view. The article doesn’t say word about food or crops, and references “agriculture” only once in relation to workers croaking in the fields. City die-offs are are bound to happen for the reasons stated, but IMO most of us will go down from the chaos resulting from spreading famines and attempts to do mass migrations into somebody else’s lands. I’d wager Japan could produce a truck-load of A-bombs within a month, and H-bombs within six months. Probably any European nation could do the same within a couple of years. If freaking South Africa got nukes, IMO anybody can. Ditto for the chem-weapons. Ditto for the germs. I’m a hell of a lot more concerned with reversing Warming than I am about getting rural people high speed internet.

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