Links 8/21/19

Links for you. Science:

Why Weather Forecasting Keeps Getting Better
The Paternity Reveal
Hepatitis A is breaking out across the country in wake of opioid crisis
USDA tried to cast doubt on UW-linked study about climate effects on nutrients in rice
Meet the ClimaCell weather app. Alerting you when it’s about to rain, down to the minute, all around the world.


The brand label that stokes Trump’s fury: ‘Racist, racist, racist.’
Anthony Scaramucci Is the Embodiment of Moral Failure
When Children at the Border Got Compassion
Forget Tariffs. Here’s a Better Way to Close the Trade Gap.
Time To Change The 15-Minute Limit For Doctor Visits
Christopher Reeve, Chevy Chase, and Mel Brooks weigh in on “Pong games” and “those stupid Ataris” in the October 1982 issue of Videogaming Illustrated.
Why are we all paying a tax to credit card companies?
Harry Reid: The Filibuster Is Suffocating the Will of the American People
Elizabeth Warren Wants To Raise Taxes On Guns And Ammunition
These vivid, nostalgic photos show what Tokyo looked like in the 1970s
So, You Want To Boycott A Trump Donor?
‘Where do you want us to go?’ Homeless in the South End speak out
I’m from El Paso. Here’s what it’s like to go home after a mass shooting
Charlottesville’s Confederate statues still stand — and still symbolize a racist legacy
Massachusetts needs congestion pricing now
All hands on deck to clean up a troubled corner
Rich People Like Trump
The Battle of the Bogside was 50 years ago – so why are the same mistakes being made right now?
Mandatory National Service: A Bad Idea That Won’t Die
Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Underlines A Nationwide Problem

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2 Responses to Links 8/21/19

  1. jrkrideau says:

    Time To Change The 15-Minute Limit For Doctor Visits

    I am from Canada and never heard of such a thing. A doctor’s visit can be anything from 5 minutes to half an hour. Anything over the half hour usually means another appointment since it means that other patients are seriously inconvenienced. In a real, full-blown emergency time does not matter.

  2. Zachary Smith says:

    *** Why Weather Forecasting Keeps Getting Better ***
    This essay reminds us of the importance of the telegraph in US history. I’d love to see some historians compare telegraphy to both radio and television in terms of their overall influence.

    *** The Paternity Reveal ***
    DNA testing may be done by incompetent people, by careless ones, and there is always the possibility of dishonesty too.

    *** USDA tried to cast doubt on UW-linked study about climate effects on nutrients in rice ***
    I couldn’t find any information about Sharon Durham except that she probably dates back to the Bush-the-dumber era. (thanks, Obama). She is oh-so-reluctant to publicize a very bad effect of climate change, but this person put her very own name on a news release about a positive result of increased CO2.
    If I were guessing, I’d guess ‘right-wing-nut’ Republican hack who is blossoming under Trump.

    *** Forget Tariffs. Here’s a Better Way to Close the Trade Gap. ***
    I spent enough time researching the author of this to conclude that if he declares “A” is true, I’m going to assume “B” is in fact a better reflection of reality until I get proof positive to the contrary.

    *** ***
    It has taken Reid 10 years to figure this out? I doubt that’s what happened – I suspect the man was a DNC hack of the came calibre of Pelosi.

    *** Elizabeth Warren Wants To Raise Taxes On Guns And Ammunition ***
    A quick search found a headline saying there are more firearms in the US than there are people. This means Warren’s idea of “raising taxes” is pure BS – the barn door has been left open for FAR too long for that one to work. Taxing ammunition is another one which sounds good, but how well has taxing cigarettes worked out? Banning ammunition sales entirely is slightly more realistic, but only slightly. The true gun nuts probably have ammunition stocks stored away to re-fight every large Civil War battle. Go read their sites – they’ve correctly deduced this item is in the top tier of things to stockpile. The politicians need to get some real advisers and concentrate on things which Might Really Work. I’d suggest Sanders, Warren, and the rest recruit some reformed gun nuts – people who understand the situation. All guns are not going to be removed from circulation – that’s Tooth Fairy stuff. But realistic buybacks and new legislation flat-out banning certain types isn’t unthinkable.

    *** Rich People Like Trump ***
    All-American Ignoramuses do too. So does a certain murderous and thieving little mideast nation. Ordinary US citizens folks are another matter. If the Pelosi wing of the Democratic party doesn’t ram a Hillary clone down our throats for the next election, Trump is toast. The latest Trump affair I know of is the cancelling of a state visit to Denmark because it laughed at his wanting to buy Greenland. This is the first time I’ve started wondering about the state of his mental health.

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