Links 8/7/19

Links for you. Science:

Greenland Is Melting Away Before Our Eyes
Las Vegas’ grasshopper invasion is so big you can see it on weather radar
This college dropout was bedridden for 11 years. Then he invented a surgery and cured himself
The Mosquitoes Are Coming for Us
The Creepy Anglerfish Comes to Light. (Just Don’t Get Too Close.)


This Is the Soul of the Democratic Party
CNN Tried to Derail Sanders and Warren Last Night. It Failed.
Bernie Sanders Yells a Lot. The Jews of Twitter Remind Us Why. (funny)
The Sparta Fetish Is a Cultural Cancer (excellent)
To The Left To The Left To The Left To The Left
The Dying Art of Instruction in the Digital Classroom
Climate Change Isn’t an Afterthought
“Have We No Decency?”: National Cathedral questions Americans’ silence over Trump’s racism
Democrats should ditch cable news
Kamala Harris’s Phony Medicare for All Plan
Andrew Yang Is Not Your Climate Friend
‘The selling of an election’: how private firms compromised midterms security
Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump, and a Russian Oligarch Is Peak Sleazy Corruption
Marianne Williamson isn’t funny. She’s scary.
CNN’s Debate Fail
The Guardians of Our Discourse
Letting Foreign Governments Influence an ‘America First’ Speech Is the Quintessential Trump Scam
Our health-care debate is a disaster. Here’s how we can do better.
NARAL Email Instructs Field Staff Not to Say Abortion Should be Safe and Legal
Mueller Testifies Russia Had Blackmail on Trump (since this seems to have gone missing)

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** Greenland Is Melting Away Before Our Eyes ***
    Eleven years ago Scientific American published a gloomy article on Greenland. I assume that in the time since then the situation there hasn’t gotten any better. Author Robin Elizabeth Bell is a heavy hitter in her field, but while still very active, has taken a much lower profile. I assume she sees no point in getting herself fired by one of Trump’s little Richard Cranium types – the fellows he has assigned to cripple US science. Another interesting little essay is by a politician concerned about climate change. All I can say about the second link is that there is nothing obviously wrong when read by a layman like myself.

    *** Las Vegas’ grasshopper invasion is so big you can see it on weather radar ***
    The American Locust is almost extinct. Did it fill a niche which the grasshopper is now beginning to move into? In the link about mosquitoes, the author speculates wiping out that insect might open us up for an even worse replacement.

    *** Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump, and a Russian Oligarch Is Peak Sleazy Corruption ***
    Sometime towards the end of Obama’s first term Charles Pierce wrote an essay hyping Obama despite admitting the man had proved himself to be as useless as teats on a rooster. That’s when I went cold-turkey on Pierce, and this headline makes me suspect that was a wise decision. If anybody is holding some real dirt on Donald Trump, I doubt it’s the Russians. Consider how Bolton is still employed, and Iran continues to be in the gunsight of the Orange POTUS.

    ^^^^ Philip Giraldi, a highly-regarded former CIA officer, put things very plainly when he suggested that Epstein had probably been working for the Israeli Mossad, operating “honey traps” to obtain blackmail information on all the wealthy and powerful individuals whom he regularly plied with underage girls. Indeed, longtime Canadian journalist Eric Margolis recounted his early 1990s visit to Epstein’s enormous NYC mansion, in which he had barely crossed the threshold before he was offered an “intimate massage” by one of the many young girls there, presumably in a bedroom well-stocked with hidden cameras. ^^^^

    Yes, I really do suspect it is somebody else who has video and audio files of Trump doing-the-dirty with some underaged critters. His feet must be held to the fire until Iran gets the Libya/Syria/Iraq treatment.

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