Links 8/3/19

Links for you. Science:

How slime will save the world
New Study Predicts Millions of Americans May Become Exposed to “Off the Charts” Heat
Can This Ancient Greek Medicine Cure Humanity?
Border Collie Trained to Recognize 1,022 Nouns Dies
Microbial Similarity between Students in a Common Dormitory Environment Reveals the Forensic Potential of Individual Microbial Signatures


Support this president and his party, and there is no more “normal” for you any more. You’ve got a problem with millions of us that isn’t going away.
The Democrats don’t need any more information to impeach President Trump
Power in the rubble of the American Dream: Why Donald Trump may be the most consequential president of our time
Are you listening, Mayor Bowser? The District’s disability community is hoping you are.
Inside The Tiny Country Where Robots Grow The Food
What we get wrong about the Southern strategy
Virginia’s November Elections May Finally Cement Its Status As A Blue State
The GOP’s excuse deficit
Sen. Sylvia Allen channels her inner David Stringer
Kushner owns lots of Baltimore-area apartments. Some are infested with mice.
Elizabeth Warren wants to break up big tech. Its workers don’t want to break up with her
The Secret to the Trump Economy? More Government Spending
Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Hitch Rides On Australian Gulls
Robert Mueller, the improbable destroyer of the DOJ
Good news! Democratic presidents are now free to divert Pentagon money to fund their campaign promises. Right?
The Millennial Left Is Tired of Waiting
Don’t be “scared”: Commander in Chief my ass. Trump ain’t shit.
Amy Wax Is Wrong. Immigrants Are Integrating Just Fine Into American Society.
How To Play The Political Game Trump Started With The Cummings Tweets
You know who was into Karl Marx? No, not AOC. Abraham Lincoln.
Who Is On Speed Dial

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** How slime will save the world ***
    I suppose Ruth Kassinger is a nice person, but this is an article the Boston Globe ought never have published. In the first place, the entire scheme is impractical. In the second, it’s just another of the *New* type of Denier Propaganda on the topic of “We’ll Adapt!” The coming hellhole gifted us by Exxon and the Koch family and all the rest can be turned into a Paradise! Have a Lemon? Make Lemonade! BS.

    *** Can This Ancient Greek Medicine Cure Humanity? ***
    A little Greek island has 1/3 of its agricultural land growing Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia. It’s a highly profitable crop because of smart marketing as a cure-all for just about everything. It looks to me like some of the Marketing Money went to somebody at the Neocon York Times.

    *** Inside The Tiny Country Where Robots Grow The Food ***
    This story puzzled me for a while, for the Netherlands is a small & densely populated nation. It began to unravel when I looked at those agricultural exports. Top item was Ornamentals, presumably the tulip bulbs and similar stuff. Next was meat. I can recall when all the canned hams I saw in the grocery seemed to be a product of Holland. From my pantry I just dug out a DAK Premium Ham, but it has no actual mention of the country of origin on the can. Third was Dairy. Fourth was Vegetables.
    The only unresolved question was how they were feeding all those those pigs and cows. A bit of thought caused me to recall “The Hungry Planet” by Georg Borgstrom, so I dug it out of the bookcase and in Chapter 5 I had my solution. Internet version:
    The answer is that the Netherlands, like many other places, imports a hell of a lot of animal feed. So instead of being a modern miracle in agriculture, the Netherlands is a very efficient importer of inexpensive soybeans and corn and fish meal and Lord Only Knows what else – and an exporter of high-value protein and trendy expensive vegetables. Ghost Acreage is the term Borgstrom used, and it’s quite apt. The robots are another sign of the future. They’re great when YOU aren’t the one being replaced. So the Netherlands is prospering at the moment. They’re rolling in money, and I doubt if the local Power Elites are ignoring the news about Climate Change, Melting Glaciers, and all the rest of it. Those Elites are bound to have noticed how the Apartheid state is getting away scott-free with the ethnic cleansing and associated land & water thefts, and as the oceans start lapping at the tops of the Dikes, why not adopt a similar plan and find new places to put their Robot Farms? Places currently owned and occupied by somebody else. Good question – Why Not?

    *** You know who was into Karl Marx? No, not AOC. Abraham Lincoln. ***
    Interesting read.
    ^^^ Though this fact may be little known now, it hasn’t been a secret to other figures in American history. When the socialist orator and frequent presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs made a campaign stop in Springfield, Ill., in 1908, he told the crowd, “The Republican Party was once red. Lincoln was a revolutionary.” ^^^
    The first Southern President after the Civil War threw Debs into prison, where he lingered until being rescued by the otherwise horrible Harding. Even the low-life Trump looks quite respectable when compared with Wilson.

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