Links 7/25/19

Links for you. Science:

Cigarette butts hamper plant growth—study
Emotion-detection applications built on outdated science, report warns
By 2050, Boston will be like Atlanta, Portland like San Antonio, and 22% of Earth … somewhere else
Meet John Houbolt: He Figured Out How To Go To The Moon, But Few Were Listening
Breeding Florida panthers with cougars saved the state animal from extinction, new study says


If the Dems blow this election it will not be because they were “too far left on policy” or because they “weren’t left enough.” It will have little to do with policy at all. (if 2018 is any guide–an election about revulsion towards Trump–this is absolutely correct; if it’s more like 2016, then not so much)
I was a fast-food worker. Let me tell you about burnout. (must-read)
Here’s a simple way to tell if someone (like the Nat’ Restaurant Assoc.) is abusing numbers to mislead.
Warren’s latest proposal tells a morality tale about the economy
Let’s drive a stake through the heart of the debt ceiling
ESPN’s Dan Le Batard rips President Trump, derides network’s no-politics policy
Local Artist Scott Ivey Explores the Melancholic Beauty of DC’s Urban Landscapes
Donald Trump’s long history of racism, from the 1970s to 2019
Big banks prepare to battle the Fed on faster payments
As The US Debates “Concentration Camps,” These Jews Are Trying To Actually Shut Them Down
Will November Bring a “Wave” of Reform Prosecutors in Virginia?
A Hedge Fund Stripped My Newspaper for Parts. Now, Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan to Fight Back
How the Ilhan Omar Marriage Smear Went From Fever Swamp to Trump
National Conservatives Want Cultural Dominance Not ‘Social Cohesion’
A Border Patrol Agent Reveals What It’s Really Like to Guard Migrant Children
Why Are Right-Wing Conspiracies so Obsessed With Pedophilia?
How a Predator Operated in Plain Sight
At a house where the homeless go to die, she has been a constant for nearly 30 years. Now, she is saying goodbye.
Anti-War Sentiment Is Now Mainstream in the House
The 1936 ‘Summer of Pools’: When Robert Moses and the WPA cooled off NYC

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** By 2050, Boston will be like Atlanta, Portland like San Antonio, and 22% of Earth … somewhere else ***

    Welcome to the future, and that author barely scratches the surface of the coming chaos. This is the first time in my lifetime both corn and soybeans have failed in my part of Indiana. The farmer next door has planted corn and soybeans in alternate years as long as I remember. The corn crop was lost during a drought a few years back, but never before did the beans fail. This year he was able to plant only half the field, and the parts he covered range from 50% coverage down to a scraggly 5%. Probably he put them in just to get insurance money. Even fields with better germination are going to be a gamble – will there be enough growing season left for them to mature? Can corn which is knee-high on July 25 still make a crop?

    My lot was once a beautiful wooded one with many giant ash trees. They’re all dead now. Every Single One except for a 2″ (trunk) seedling I’ve mowed around to see what happens to it. Years ago I bought 100 pines from Purdue. All are gone except for a couple barely hanging on to life. Boring bugs which were once winter-killed took out both the ashes and pines. Too little winter cold has had another effect – I’ve cut down all my peach trees except for one because they need a certain number of cold winter hours to bear, and they’ve not been getting those hours.

    *** The armadillo is moving north thanks to climate change, as are mice and other mammals ***
    “Armadillos have settled into southern Illinois, Indiana, Kansas and Missouri – all areas that were “totally unexpected,” McDonough said.”

    “Beside humans, armadillos are the only animals known to get leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease.”
    Even better than that is the news leprosy is becoming resistant to antibiotics. Let’s give a big round of applause to Exxon and the rest of the folks who finance the Deniers.

    ***Nation’s biting fire ant invasion expands north again through heart of North Carolina ***
    It’s just a matter of time before they get to Indiana.

    A human being with an IQ of 85 is one of the smartest critters ever to live on the earth. But we’re not evenly bright, and Exxon/Koch Brothers can (and do) hire the smarter of us to peddle BS to the “85” guys and convince them Climate Change is a Big Lie. They don’t miss many beats in preaching that line. Yesterday in a Second Hand “Missionary” Store I saw a DVD proclaiming GW isn’t real because The Bible says it isn’t.

    It won’t be the fire ants or armadillos or 8-foot poison ivy which does us in. I expect desperate former breadbaskets (like the US of A) to go hunting for croplands which temporarily remain usable. Be assured the present owners are going to resist, for not everybody is as helpless as the current victims of the land-and-water grabbing Apartheid State. If I were guessing, I’d wager Australia, Canada, and Holland will be among the next nations to go “nuclear”. Maybe Sweden, Norway, and Finland too.

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