Links 7/12/19

Links for you. Science:

Poaching, recruitment and anti-trust settlements
We can’t despair about our antibiotic crisis
It’s the End of the World as They Know It: The distinct burden of being a climate scientist
As NASA Aims For The Moon, An Aging Space Station Faces An Uncertain Future
Today’s Deep Learning Is Like Magic – In All The Wrong Ways


Why Is There So Much Saudi Money in American Universities?
Effective but never popular, court-ordered busing is a relic few would revive
‘It makes me angry’: After deaths of classmates, D.C. students say they feel unsafe on their daily commutes
Nancy Pelosi Has Chosen Her War, and it’s With Her Own Party’s Future
What the Democrats’ Turn Leftward Means for the Party’s Chances in 2020
Boston aside, busing was a success — and it has a future
Closing Concentration Camps Should Never Be Fashioned into a Political Issue
Man stabs and kills 17-year-old for listening to rap music at gas station in Arizona
This Congress Heights housing will be permanently affordable
USA’s formidable women’s soccer team is no accident. It’s a product of public policy
Inside an Amazon Warehouse, Robots’ Ways Rub Off on Humans
Sports bar patrons ruin Fox News segment by loudly chanting ‘F*ck Trump’ after US wins World Cup
How Florida 2000 Created Our Modern Dysfunction
Blindsided by a ‘Devastating’ Veto, Alaska’s University System Pleads for a Lifeline
Yes, it is a source of shame. And deep frustration
Marianne Williamson Has Hired Actual DC Consultants. Here’s Who. A 2020 cycle offers “full employment” for the political-operative class.
Facebook ads funded by ‘dark money’ are the right’s weapon for 2020
DC statehood is necessary to fully secure right for women to choose
Ahead of crucial hearing, national organizations throw support for DC statehood
Why is Nancy Pelosi doing this?

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3 Responses to Links 7/12/19

  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** We can’t despair about our antibiotic crisis ***
    The author of this piece is so full of crap! Don’t know when I’ve seen such a vivid example of the Pollyanna Principle. At about every other sentence I thought of the famous Harris cartoon:

    New antibiotics are going to trickle in, and I expect many of them to be reserved for the super rich. How? Just keep them “experimental” and have an obscure paperwork/approval process to gain access to them.

    *** Nancy Pelosi Has Chosen Her War, and it’s With Her Own Party’s Future ***
    Opinion time: Pelosi is the only person in the nation who can reelect Trump. Her breed of “Democrat” isn’t entirely unhappy with what Trump has been doing, and would prefer him to Sanders in a heartbeat.

    *** How Florida 2000 Created Our Modern Dysfunction ***
    Once upon a time I’d have agreed. Not anymore. Florida was just a very public example of what had been going on – and what is still going on. For example, how much outrage is there about the present California fix-up to guarantee super-majorities for the Democrats there? Also, after the Florida debacle the Democrats had plenty of chances to do away with the no-verify and easily hackable voting machines. Didn’t happen.

  2. Zachary Smith says:

    There are no posting instructions here, and I had no idea at all my image link would actually show the image. I’ve also don’t know which (if any) of the html operators can be used here. Blockquote, bold, underline, italic, strikeout, etc. It would be nice to know….

  3. Zachary Smith says:

    *** Why Is There So Much Saudi Money in American Universities? ***

    Money seems to be a really good way to “make friends and influence people”, so possibly that’s a motive. When Canada started getting uppity with the Saudis, they threatened to withdraw all their students from Canadian Universities. Don’t know what happened with that because the story has mysteriously disappeared, but it seems to be a fact the Canadians continue to make make regular weapons deliveries to the bone saw nation so as to facilitate the destruction of Yemen.
    A gentleman named Steven Salaita could possibly speak about how University Donations buy some powerful influence. In his case there were some handy intermediaries available to muddy the water about the puppeteers. (the Saudis have no choice but to make direct payments, or so it seems)

    According to the wiki the “donors” had to pony up another $800,000, but that’s chicken feed to those types. And money well spent, for manhandling Salaita was a potent message to any other academics who might be tempted to cultivate a conscience.

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