Links 6/22/19

Links for you. Science:

What bats, primates and even zebrafish tell us about human aging
New evidence points to possible cause of puzzling paralysis in kids
Confused or worried about antibiotics? This Harvard infectious disease expert has some answers
One dead after poop transplant gone wrong, FDA warns
These Animal Migrations Are Huge — and Invisible


Don’t Believe What They Tell You About The Left (excellent)
Democratic Leaders: This Will NOT Happen
That derailed Red Line car is old enough to join AARP
Masks, cash and apps: How Hong Kong’s protesters find ways to outwit the surveillance state
The myth of the GOP’s golden age
New foreclosure crisis hitting after shady lenders targeted black seniors for reverse mortgages
Saving face: How Donald Trump silenced the people who could expose his business failures
Top 1% Up $21 Trillion. Bottom 50% Down $900 Billion.
The trade war’s unlikely victim: Hollywood
Profiles in Triangulation
‘The American healthcare system has just, quite literally, ruined my future,’ a disabled Georgetown student tweeted. Then she got a reprieve.
Ro Khanna Forces Beltway Bandit to Refund Millions From Price Gouging
End of Rand
Agents for at least 22 foreign governments have spent money at Trump’s properties
Who Told Them The Left Hated Them?
The Plastic Paddy’s Lament
American Sports and the Forever War

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