Links 6/16/19

Links for you. Science:

Who Were the Ancestors of Native Americans? A Lost People in Siberia, Scientists Say
To Map a Coral Reef, Peel Back the Seawater
U.S. measles outbreak spreads to Idaho and Virginia, hits 1,022 cases
‘The cleanest air in the world’? No, Mr. President. It kills lots of Americans.
Archaeologists dig up new clues about Angkor Wat and its ancient civilization


Pro-Choice Squishes
U.S. Customs and Border Protection says photos of travelers were taken in a data breach
Ta-Nehisi Coates Revisits the Case for Reparations
Nine Montgomery County officials agree to ditch their cars this week (good, but do it for six months, then you’ll understand)
Jeff Bezos’s Corporate Takeover of Our Lives
Sweet Deal: Housing Authority allows developer to not develop its site
How to Stop Robocalls—or At Least Slow Them Down
I Needed to Save My Mother’s Memories. I Hacked Her Phone.
Banneker and Shaw: Was the fight really about gentrification?
When we think of America, we shouldn’t think rural
There Are Now Enough Jack Evans Challengers To Make A Barbershop Quartet
Don’t smile for surveillance: Why airport face scans are a privacy trap
Revealed: Americans Care More About Social Needs Than Deficits
Underpaid Adjunct Professors Sleep in Cars and Rely on Public Aid (Sanders had a plan for that)
How to avoid facial recognition at the airport
How did WeWork’s Adam Neumann turn office space with “community” into a $47 billion company? Not by sharing.
The Merch Primary (funny)
Rashida Tlaib’s new proposal is the easiest smart idea in Washington
Pelosi and Schumer Are Playing Too Nice
Show me where I’m wrong

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