Links 6/3/19

Links for you. Science:

The Concrete Jungle Has 578 Miles of Shoreline at Risk
Fertility clinics around the world asked ‘CRISPR babies’ scientist for how-to help
Basepaws Review: Cat DNA Test is Far From Purrfect
Million-person U.S. study of genes and health stumbles over including Native American groups
Are medical errors really the third most common cause of death in the U.S.? (nope)


Blocking a Disaster Aid Package Out of Partisan Vandalism? Sounds Like Modern Conservatism. (now up to three…)
Transportation Secretary Chao still owns transportation company stocks she promised to sell
GOP declares Trump innocent before any impeachment begins, while McConnell sits on 100 bills
Lynne Patton Doesn’t Care If She Violated the Hatch Act Again (this is so corrosive and demoralizing for government employees)
Don’t blame ‘Washington’ for nothing getting done in Washington
Joe Biden’s Whiteness Isn’t the Problem
The Trump coverup no one is talking about: The emperor has no money
Earnestness might just work
What I Learned Trying To Secure Congressional Campaigns
Breitbart, Ben Shapiro “bridged the gap” between Fox News and Stormfront for this pair of white supremacist terrorists. It’s literally the reason they exist.
The Surreal Life of George Papadopoulos
Robert Smith’s Real Gift to Morehouse
New York City Moves Forward With Paid Vacation Measure
Democrats need to get past impeachment jitters. It’s not 1998 and Trump is no Clinton.
Trump’s 2020 strategy sounds familiar: Convince Democratic voters to stay home
Nobody Knows What’s Going to Happen
Think Donald Trump wants to be impeached and acquitted? Consider his old friend O.J. Simpson
Jews In Germany Cautioned Against Wearing Kippahs In Public
Democratic leadership needs to learn how to grandstand in the Trump era

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