Links 5/7/19

Links for you. Science:

Don’t Get Wound Up: Revised Fluoroquinolone Breakpoints for Enterobacteriaceae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
House panel allots $50M to study gun violence
Your Gas Stove Is Bad for You and the Planet
Caster Semenya ruling uses an unscientific definition of who is female, critics say
DHS to start DNA testing to establish family relationships on the border


Undercover with New York Nazis (excellent; must-read)
The alleged synagogue shooter was a churchgoer who talked Christian theology, raising tough questions for evangelical pastors
Hitler Was Incompetent and Lazy—and His Nazi Government Was an Absolute Clown Show
Elizabeth Warren shines at Nevada candidates forum
Democrats need to get over their Obama nostalgia
The Uber I.P.O. Is a Moral Stain on Silicon Valley
Joe Biden wants us to forget his past. We won’t (even if you’re not a Sanders supporter, the points are valid)
Modernity, Faith, and Martin Buber
‘Democracy Dollars’: Gillibrand’s plan to give every voter $600 to donate to campaigns
From protégée to whistleblower: A former Theranos scientist says Elizabeth Holmes should ‘come forward and apologize’
Fact-checking President Trump isn’t enough
Basically, Nothing in the Bay Area is Affordable to Someone Making $64,000
Democracy Is Being Able to Say the Mayor You Voted for Is a Buffoon
You still don’t understand what you’re dealing with, do you?
When did you become radicalized by the U.S. health care non-system?
The Political Case for Impeachment is Growing Stronger
The Lethal Antisemitism of “Cultural Marxism”

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2 Responses to Links 5/7/19

  1. hipparchia says:

    re Undercover with New York Nazis thanks for this link. I skimmed it just now and will have to re-read it later.

    re When did you become radicalized by the U.S. health care non-system? my story is similar. I was working at one of those good-paying STEM jobs [/s] ($8-ish/hr, and not all that long ago either), with benefits ($450/mo health insurance), living in a garage ($250/mo rent), and my out of pocket health care expenses ranged from $200-$500/mo only because I did get some of that “help” from the drug companies.

    that’s also just about the same time that I discovered the mad biologist, who led me to MMT, and I thank you for that, a million times over. I’m actually winning over (darned few) converts irl to thinking of policy (especially health care, but not limited to that) in terms of “the united states government cannot go broke” but it’s a bit of a slog.

  2. hipparchia says:

    also, THANK YOU for the daily mad biologist trumpisms. (although I don’t think I have enough brain bleach to remove the image I now have of a backing-up taco bowl)

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