Links 4/21/19

Links for you. Science:

Achaogen bankruptcy raises worry over antibiotic pipeline
Statisticians want to abandon science’s standard measure of ‘significance’
The Truth About Dentistry: It’s much less scientific—and more prone to gratuitous procedures—than you may think.
The antibiotic market is broken and won’t fix itself
Medicare payment rules hinder the fight against superbugs


Why this South Carolina teacher quit mid-year: ‘The unrealistic demands and all-consuming nature of the profession are not sustainable’ (must-read)
Why DeVos Doesn’t Care About Charter Closings (important)
Democrats’ Impeachment Panic Is Endangering the Country
Secrecy, Self-Dealing, and Greed at the N.R.A.
The Diffidence of a Liberal
The Mueller Report Is a Challenge to Congress: Save the Republic. Impeach the President.
Democratic Presidential Candidates Should Be on the Picket Line
Sit down and shut up, Steny
The U.S. Is Losing a Major Front to China in the New Cold War
How deep does the Russia collusion go? To McConnell? (this looks legal, if utterly corrupt)
Former GOP Congressman Aaron Schock spotted at Coachella making out with a guy
Republicans boldly explore new frontiers of voter suppression
Republican Running Senate Russia Probe Passed FBI Info To White House: Mueller
Democratic equivocation over impeachment is a moral and political disaster
Mueller Hints at a National-Security Nightmare
In the Mueller Report, Erik Prince Funds a Covert Effort to Obtain Clinton’s E-mails from a Foreign State
Cities Don’t Have Souls. Why Do We Battle For Them?
The Far Right Doesn’t Want to Beat the Left; It Wants to Exterminate It
Pete Buttigieg’s Court Packing Alternative Is Wonky and Nonpartisan. It’s Also Unconstitutional.
The president must be impeached
Gillibrand backs challenger to antiabortion House Democrat

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3 Responses to Links 4/21/19

  1. The problem isn’t Medicare payment rules the problem is.medical & drug research funding… expecting good scientific research and results for human health from profit… That community wellbeing must also make a small number of people very rich or forget it.

    • molly cruz says:

      When I went to my local hospital with gas pains from overdosing on echinacea in gelcaps,they not only wouldn’t listen to me, they put me through two “ct scans” costing $18,000, (but didn’t scan the problem area) kept me in the hospital for two days, accused me of Munchhausen syndrome, filled me with fentanyl, even when I hadn’t seen a doctor in decades and hadn’t been in a hospital for 46 yrs, when I had my second child. They played me for all I was worth, almost $40,000; and when a sympathetic nurse stole two bottles of prune juice from the kitchen I checked myself out after a good bowel movement. I reported them to fraud offices who didn’t give a damn. I’m old, but young people I’ve talked to had the same experience there, Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, Ca. I would never tell anyone to go there for anything. If the pattern in consistent, that’s where the money is going, elder abuse I call it. I had classic symptom of diverticulitis, took me five minutes on the computer once I got home. Curious, I recreated the whole event by taking more echinacea just to see.

  2. molly cruz says:

    Democrats need to combine their talents, pick a president, form a cabinet, aligning the various contenders with their best position based on their strengths, combine their efforts to campaign, along with their money. This is a team effort, and would revolutionize the way we run campaigns. We don’t have to give up our favorite runner just because she or he wouldn’t make the best President. We have learned that it’s an impossible job for one person to pull off , male or female. Let them form a cabinet and RUN AS A TEAM. I’ve picked cabinet positions for most of them, what do you think??

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