Links 4/11/19

Links for you. Science:

BethAnn McLaughlin: ‘Too many women in science have to run the gauntlet of abuse and leave’
In a Poor Kenyan Community, Cheap Antibiotics Fuel Deadly Drug-Resistant Infections
HPV vaccine linked to ‘dramatic’ drop in cervical disease
Yes, Giant Technicolor Squirrels Actually Roam the Forests of Southern India
A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy


In China, an App About Xi Is Impossible to Ignore — Even if You Try (terrifying)
What liberals get wrong about conservative state dominance — and why it matters
D.C.’s Attorney General Is Aggressively Going After ‘Slumlords’
Pete Buttigieg argues against free college. This is why progressives can’t agree about subsidizing tuition.
MMT, Models, Multidisciplinarity
This city bans cars every Sunday—and people love it
Hollywood’s Emilio Estevez visits Cleveland Park Library for sneak peek at his new film about how librarians are helping the homeless community
Disabled riders are stranded for hours and on-time rate plummets amid contract changes at MTA Mobility (Baltimore; so many bad agencies called MTA…)
Casimir Pulaski, Polish Hero of the Revolutionary War, Was Most Likely Intersex, Researchers Say
On the Hunt for Japan’s Elaborate, Colorful Manhole Covers
In San Francisco, Making a Living From Your Billionaire Neighbor’s Trash
Trump’s strategy with Jewish community won’t work
Prior to implementing a decade-old law with new powers to preserve affordable housing, DC government is still finalizing a list of qualified developers
America: A Failing State
The hidden tax: Average Americans pay a tax of 74% that they don’t know about and isn’t in the media
Kirstjen Nielsen just revealed how Trump’s pathologies and lawlessness will get worse
Bernie Sanders Is Right to Go on Fox News (dunno)
A Future Without Fossil Fuels?

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