Links 3/27/19

Links for you. Science:

Those Midwestern Floods Are Expected to Get Much, Much Worse
Pretty Sly for a Whitefly
Testing the DNA in Museum Artifacts Can Unlock New Natural History, but Is it Worth the Potential Damage?
Sharks Crack The Case: Uncovering Illegal Activities In Paradise
Scientists once thought tropical cyclones were impossible in the South Atlantic. Another one just formed.


Mueller Report Has Moscow in Ecstasy, Opening the Way for More Putin Plots
How ‘Lean In’ Feminism Created Elizabeth Holmes and the Toxic Ladyboss
Put differently, the problem with the United States approach to democracy is _how much_ is legal – how much everyday corruption, sweetheart deals, tacit collusion, bribes-that-aren’t-quite-overtly-bribes and so on are part of the system of everyday politics.
“City of Shadows”. Images made during the collapse of the Soviet Union in the fall of 1991.
The DCCC Is A Powerful Source Of Great Evil And Corruption Inside The Democratic Party
Kamala Harris to call for federal spending to raise teacher salaries
Something conservatives understand about online arguing is that what you want to do with people with starkly opposing values isn’t to persuade them but to make them bummed out and miserable.
What Mueller’s (Apparent) Dud Means for Democrats
Hellscape 2021: Why a Second Loss to Trump Could Produce an Existential Crisis for Democrats
D.C. plans inaugural open streets event this fall
Being An Instagram Influencer Is Hard Work, So This Guy Made A Bot To Do It For Him
Ignore the media’s Trump-Russia recriminations. Look at the big picture instead.

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