The Thing Too Much Of The Mainstream Media Still Hasn’t Learned

Last night, CNN demonstrated the cheat code Trump et alia use:


That’s just not accurate; we don’t know this at all. All we have seen is the Barr summary of the Mueller report–and it’s not like Attorney General Barr, the man who supported pardons for the Iran-Contra criminals, is exactly an impartial ‘balls and strikes’ type of guy.

What Trump et alia have figured out is that the media, on the whole*, still treat their unverifiable statements with credulity. Despite the overwhelming evidence that Trump and his administration lie about nearly everything, even in situations where the truth would assist them, major news organizations still believe they are obligated to take their utterances seriously.

Until news organizations start to treat every statement as likely to be incorrect until proven otherwise, Republicans are going to keep doing this crap. They have every incentive to do so, and none to stop. Regardless of what one thinks of the Mueller findings (in the absence of anyone reading the actual report…), this will continue to be a major modus operandi for Trump et alia, unless it’s checked.

Democracy dies in derpness.

*The AP, who broke the story first, made the smart editorial decision to lead with Barr’s statement, “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

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