Links 3/23/19

Links for you. Science:

Scientists rise up against statistical significance
Forget cars. We need electric airplanes.
Host adaptation and convergent evolution increases antibiotic resistance without loss of virulence in a major human pathogen
Measles outbreaks in America are getting harder to contain
California’s super bloom is the best in years, so vibrant it can be seen from space


Stand Down
Ari Fleischer and the Iraq War Ghouls Are Proof the Republican Party Needs a Total Reset
George W. Bush really did lie about WMDs, and his aides are still lying for him
George and Kellyanne Conway Might Be Planning for the Post-Trump World (it’s a grift)
Sixteen Years
Devin Nunes’ cow-suit may be a joke, but his defense of the N-word is not funny
Cindy Yang helped Chinese tech stars get $50K photos with Trump. Who paid?
Sixteen years ago we invaded Iraq. And what did we learn?
Every Democratic Candidate Should Match Elizabeth Warren’s Position on the Electoral College
Donna Brazile Will Not Save the World at Fox News
For third year in a row, Trump’s budget plan eliminates arts, public TV and library funding
Trump Still Won’t Name ‘White Supremacist Terrorism’ and His Base Loves It
Crocodile Tears After Christchurch
Mysterious Buyer Pumps $2.9 Million Into President Trump’s Coffers
Health care FTW (I think the Democratic strategy here is politically pennywise and pound foolish)
A Week After Capitol Police Confiscated His Equipment, Protest Artist Robin Bell Is Back In Business
The Atlantic Accused David Sirota of Secretly Working For Bernie Sanders. But Where’s the Evidence?
Is America Ready for a Fugazi President?
The rise of tent encampments is changing the face of American homelessness. Inside one, Monica Diaz struggles to keep her full-time job — and her dignity.
What Every Kid in the College Admissions Scandal Knew About the Scam (dysfunctional suburban culture)

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