Links 3/21/19

Links for you. Science:

18 Breathtaking Pictures From California’s Stunning “Super Bloom”
Antibiotics set to flood Florida’s troubled orange orchards (given how linked streptomycin resistance is to other genes, this could be really bad)
Trump Plans to End the AIDS Epidemic. In Places Like Mississippi, Obstacles Are Everywhere.
Technology: From Copycats to Innovators
Who’s to blame for the neurotoxin that’s poisoning the Pacific?


The K Street Transitway gets $122 million. What’s the K Street Transitway?
New Public Libraries Are Some of the Best Buildings in DC
Elizabeth Warren Calls for Ending Electoral College
Beto O’Rourke and Gen X’s traditionalism
Durham Dreamed of a Transit Line. Duke University All but Killed It.
Bill Black: The Day Orthodox Economists Lost Their Minds and Integrity (#MMT)
The Case for Investigating Facebook
New Wisconsin Poll Shows Increasing Strength for the Left
MySpace Loses 12 Years’ Worth of Users’ Music, Photos in ‘Server Migration’ (‘loses’)
Trump’s ties to Deutsche Bank under heavy scrutiny, and bank fraud may be the least of it
What Republicans and Billionaires Really Mean When They Talk About ‘Freedom’
As D.C. Weighs How to Fix Its Public Housing, Families Keep Getting Sicker
Three urbanism takeaways from D.C. Mayor Bowser’s 2019 State of the District Address
Bernie Sanders Campaign Announces 10 New Women Hires (most of them seem really good)
The time for political pablum is over
National Zoo to lose entrances, gain fences under approved security plans (security theater run amok)
Elijah Cummings: The White House hasn’t turned over a single piece of paper to my committee
THEN AND NOW: How the American living room has evolved

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2 Responses to Links 3/21/19

  1. noddin0ff says:

    heh. long form death certificate… 🙂

  2. Bern says:

    Re: the zoo plan –
    I saw the recent update from NPS. The most horrific of the fearmonger fantasies – the metal detector perp walk – has been quietly buried, tho Smithsonian retains the plan to scan during spring break (NPS staff have told me that it has been riotous in the past, and there was genuine fear of physical harm). The rest of it is relatively minimal, tho pricey, no doubt…

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