Links 3/3/19

Links for you. Science:

High syphilis rates linked to drug use, CDC report says
Her biotech firm solves medical mysteries. (And no, it’s not Theranos.)
Using the NCBI AMRFinder Tool to Determine Antimicrobial Resistance Genotype-Phenotype Correlations Within a Collection of NARMS Isolates
The World’s Largest Bee Is Not Extinct
NASA’s Opportunity rover is dead. We asked NASA scientists to write eulogies for the robot


Let’s go with the idea that Feinstein & Klobuchar are being targeted because gender. So is Harris. And Warren. But at some point someone in the camp has to have the motherwit to not hand out soundbites that are so perfectly bad. Also hi, sometimes candidates are Terrible People.
Cost may send insulin users to over-the-counter version
Why Democrats need to be ready to kill the filibuster
Netanyahu’s Most Cynical Ploy Yet
Clinton Democrats Struggle To Move On From 2016 As Bernie Sanders Announces 2020 Campaign
Why Does Obama Scold Black Boys?
How Google, Microsoft, and Big Tech Are Automating the Climate Crisis
Ban Targeted Advertising
Awesome 1965 Photo of Key Bridge
So Bloomberg Voice has a collective editorial condemning Europe’s new vehicle for trade with Iran. As a scholar who is writing on these topics, my professional opinion is that this is fucking nuts.
Here’s the Most Repulsive Profile of the Week
Why the Washington region needs better suburb-to-suburb transit
Elizabeth Warren’s Childcare Proposal Should Be Better (still good though)
How Police Violence Paves The Way To Authoritarianism
‘Roma’ exposes Mexico’s darkest secret
As rents soar in Boston, low-income tenants try to stave off eviction
The 6 essential cons that define Trump’s success
‘Roma’ is a start. But we ‘Whitexicans’ still need to reckon with our ‘muchachas.’

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