Links 2/14/19

Links for you. Science:

Why CAPTCHAs have gotten so difficult
The winged giant that was bigger than T. Rex
After Trump’s Election, There Was a Big Spike in Long-Term Birth Control Use
Florida’s Citrus Trees Face Extinction. Are Antibiotics the Only Answer?
Drinking While Pregnant: An Inconvenient Truth


Why do Democrats think expanding ObamaCare would be easier than passing Medicare-for-all? (excellent)
In Baltimore, the future of film culture is an old-school video store
This Is a Great Time to Hike the Estate Tax, Because America’s Billionaires Are Getting Really, Really Old
Trump wants to run against socialism. That’s great for socialism.
Cleaner Classrooms and Rising Scores: With Tighter Oversight, Head Start Shows Gains
Texas Republicans Are Lying About Voter Fraud to Justify a Massive, Racist Voter Purge
Yes, Chuck Todd: Donald Trump is a racist “in his heart.” Here’s how we know
The political anatomy of disgust
The fundamental problem with Silicon Valley’s favorite growth strategy
When College Rapists Graduate
GOP Leadership Instructs Lawmakers to Play Up Gruesome Murders and Rapes by Immigrants
Why Pacific Rim: Uprising Is the Most Important Film of 2018
Black Jewish Voices Are Finally Being Heard. So Is The Racist Backlash.
In Her First Race, Kamala Harris Campaigned as Tough on Crime — and Unseated the Country’s Most Progressive Prosecutor
An Inheritance Tax Is Democrats’ Best Weapon Against Trump’s Oligarchy
The Global Con Hidden in Trump’s Tax Reform Law, Revealed
Democrats Can’t Lose Their Nerve on ‘Medicare for All’ Now
Unpacking Millennials’ Racial Attitudes
Ginni Thomas’ White House Meeting Was Just Another Grift

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