Links 2/6/19

Links for you. Science:

Surely Not Every Piece of American Land Deserves an Oil Derrick
Where Sloths Find These Branches, Their Family Trees Expand
Evidence that nonsignificant results are sometimes preferred: Reverse P-hacking or selective reporting?
Effects of Microplate Type and Broth Additives on Microdilution MIC Susceptibility Assays
Meta-Research: Why we need to report more than ‘Data were Analyzed by t-tests or ANOVA’


Democrats Must Reach Out to Moderates in 2020 — By Waging a Vicious Class War (important)
The BuzzFeed Layoffs as Democratic Emergency
Howard Schultz is suffering from the Frappuccino Syndrome (“Dunkins Democrats”)
Bernie Sanders to propose dramatic expansion in estate tax on richest Americans, including 77 percent rate on billionaires
A ‘Preference Points’ System Was Supposed to Help a Ward 8 Business Owner. It Didn’t.
Howard Schultz’s own advisers just unmasked his cynical game. Trump will cheer.
Stephen Miller Has Orchestrated Trump’s Most Horrible Policies. Why Doesn’t He Get the Credit?
Howard Schultz And The Plutocrat Revolt
The Peculiar Logic of the Trump-Russia Scandal Deniers
Here Are the Facts Behind an Abortion Controversy Engulfing Virginia Democrats
These historic photographs show struggles for social justice in DC
Newspapers cost more than twice as much today as they did a decade ago (and that was a smart move by publishers)
Howard Schultz Is Just Like Every Other Billionaire—Afraid of Losing His Wealth and Privilege
Washington’s Favorite Literal War Criminal Isn’t Done in Venezuela
‘The man who attacked me works in your kitchen’: Victim of serial groper took justice into her own hands (D.C. has a real problem that the federal judicial system, which governs D.C., isn’t set up to handle lower level crime very well)
Why Did D.C. End an Innovative Program to Treat Opioid Addiction?
What The Left Gets Wrong About Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren

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