Links 2/1/19

Links for you. Science:

Romeo the Frog Finds His Juliet. Their Courtship May Save a Species.
In Central Asia, a warming climate is shrinking the Tuyuksu glacier. It’s losing ice every year.
Calgary man who nearly died from flu urges others to get immunized
Ethiopia’s ‘church forests’ are incredible oases of green
Coming Soon to a Police Station Near You: The DNA ‘Magic Box’


The train wreck that was the New Atheism
‘If you enter a camp, you never come out’: inside China’s war on Islam
The huge problem with Mueller’s Trump-Russia probe that no one talks about
With its silly swipes at AOC, the American political establishment is once again revealing its blindness to its own unpopularity
The Shutdown Shows the Weakness of the Resistance (much of the Resistance is upper-middle and gentry class. It’s a problem)
President Trump Posts Altered Photos to Facebook and Instagram That Make Him Look Thinner
They did the right thing, and it cost them
With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Americans Finally Have a Politician Who Agrees With Them About Taxes
The millions in Dr. Martin Luther King’s firing squad
Lorna Doom, Bassist in the Punk Band Germs, Is Dead at 61
Everyone hates open offices. Here’s why they still exist (ignores that managers don’t have to make potential damaging–for them–decisions about floor space)
It’s a Bit Late to Conclude that Trump Is Compromised by the Russians
The Trump Administration Quietly Changed the Definition of Domestic Violence and We Have No Idea What For
Karen Pence and her defenders can’t claim they’re standing for Christian beliefs
How California can build 3.5 million new homes
How Many Cops Are Nazis?
Facebook and Google Need to Start Paying Journalists What They Owe Us
How a California officer protected neo-Nazis and targeted their victims
Record store listening booths in 1955

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  1. onkelbob says:

    re: New Atheists, ya know, ….
    The SB crew, or however you identify, stand the test of time if 10+years, is an acceptable unit of measurement. It is absolutely positively admirable that the recognition is mistakes and this is what they look like, and whether there’s agreement or not, is also something subject to question. I especilly like it because for some of us asking questions is our raison d’être.

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