Links 12/25/18

Gut Yontif! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

It Could Be the Age of the Chicken, Geologically
Cold War propaganda spread the myth that science isn’t political
U.S. Diplomats With Mysterious Illness in Cuba Had Inner-Ear Damage, Doctors Say (this doesn’t seem psychosomatic…)
Rep.-elect Mark Green walks back claim that vaccines cause autism (sort of)
The Viruses That Eavesdrop on Their Hosts


Falling out (once again, when the problem isn’t white, it is disappeared)
Shout it hard: The fearless women who ruled D.C.’s punk scene in the ’80s
The Future of American Broadband Is a Comcast Monopoly
The New Authoritarians Are Waging War on Women
They’ll Be On CNN Labeled “Patriot Party Members” Or Some Shit
America’s Worst Publication
These Badass Bluegrass Sisters Ruled DC’s Honky-Tonk Bars
Here’s how much of the Washington region is off-limits to growth (42% of DC can’t have multiple-dwelling housing)
A Texas Elementary School Speech Pathologist Refused to Sign a Pro-Israel Oath, Now Mandatory in Many States — So She Lost Her Job (I’m anti-BDS, and I wouldn’t sign this)
The RFK site is one step closer to positive redevelopment—if Bowser and Evans don’t give it away to a billionaire football owner first
Landscape of Diversity in D.C. Public Schools
Even a War Hero Is Not Above the Law
Public transit system in Washington DC struggles with privatization
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Withheld Russia Data, Reports Say
How YouTube Built a Radicalization Machine for the Far-Right
How Ted Lieu Became Google’s Accidental Champion (article doesn’t mention the other casualty: antitrust in online advertising and how that hammered the media business)
Good News out of Kansas: A compassionate bankruptcy judge grants a 59-year-old debtor a partial discharge of her student loans
The Yoda of Silicon Valley

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