Links 12/15/18

Links for you. Science:

Today in Hawks around Town – Catfish “the size of a small dog”!
Bees Get Stung by Decision to Scale Back National Monument
Why Hospitals Should Let You Sleep
New tick species capable of transmitting deadly disease is spreading in the U.S.
‘Gene drive’ research to fight diseases can proceed cautiously, U.N. group decides


Why this progressive Texan can’t get excited about Beto O’Rourke (while Bruenig received a lot of criticism of this piece, none of the criticism dealt with her substantive claims)
‘They had us fooled’: Inside Payless’s elaborate prank to dupe people into paying $600 for shoes
Ross Douthat Dreams of White (Anglo-Saxon Protestant) Supremacy
Some Republicans want to oust a Muslim doctor from his GOP leadership role — because he’s Muslim
‘Transactional’ Sex and a Secret Resignation Letter: Takeaways From a Report on Les Moonves
Uber Is Headed for a Crash
What It Means That Hillary Clinton Might Run for President in 2020
The Democrats’ Hispanic Problem (I suspect a fair number of Latinos, while acknowledging bigotry against them, do not see Republicans as an existential threat, as many blacks and Jews do. Not a Republican will only get you so far under that worldview)
Jeffrey Epstein and the Decline of the American Experiment: Epstein’s enablers weren’t a handful of Palm Beach rogues. Instead, the higher up the chain you went, the more sympathetic to Epstein the players seem to become. How did our smart set get this bad?
Medicare for All Is Even Better Than You Thought
Urbanist Hero of the Week: New Montgomery County councilmember Evan Glass takes the bus on his first day at work (we need much more of this)
The Myth-Making Around George H.W. Bush
George H.W. Bush Campaigned as a Demagogue. Twice.
The Myth of Whiteness in Classical Sculpture
George H.W. Bush’s single worst decision is also his most lasting legacy

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