Links 12/6/18

Links for you. Science:

Can Science Recover in a Democratic House?
Rare microbes lead scientists to discover new branch on the tree of life
A note written by Dr. Katsuma Dan to the Allied Forces, posted at the University of Tokyo’s marine station in 1945.
Orangutans are the only great apes—besides humans—to ‘talk’ about the past
Rapid Cure Approved for Sleeping Sickness, a Horrific Illness


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Unveils The Ugly Truth About Being Poor In America (excellent)
A Way Out: An activist with an ulcer asks, “Why do nonprofits exist?” (must-read; leaving aside the sharp veer to Marxism in the final paragraph, this is an excellent description of much of the non-profit sector)
Why we need to change the way we talk about traffic deaths
Paula Jones, Reconsidered
The Problem With Charitable Giving
Sackler family members face mass litigation and criminal investigations over opioids crisis
Maybe They’re Just Bad People
Can Pepco charge customers for energy efficiency? D.C. climate bill draws scrutiny (Pepco makes money by selling electricity, not by not selling it. It’s their business model)
Republicans say they want free-market innovation. Then they should want a carbon tax.
Erick Erickson Goes Full Fascist (he supposedly is studying to be a minister)
The Concept Creep of ‘Emotional Labor’
The Depravity of Climate-Change Denial
The Book of Faces
The Proud Boys Are Imploding
Post Office Privatization Thrust Awaits (Stalled) Publication of Trump Task Force Report
Bake Sales Can’t Fix This: Corporate Tax Cuts Leave Public Schools Desperate
Betsy Devos’s New Harassment Rules Protect Schools, Not Students

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