Links 10/24/18

Links for you. Science:

Tiny Nanoparticles to Treat a Huge Problem: Snakebites
Pompeii: Vesuvius eruption may have been later than thought
The FDA Lacks A Policy For Scientists Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Including This Famous Tobacco Researcher
Before Arguing About DNA Tests, Learn the Science Behind Them (excellent)
With genome sequencing, some sick infants are getting a shot at healthy lives


Maker Movements Should NOT Endanger School Libraries, Librarians, and Reading (it used to be calls arts class, but we don’t do that much any more either…)
The Genuine Lunacy Is Spreading from the House to the Senate
Self-Managed Medication Abortion: Expanding the Available Options for U.S. Abortion Care
Trump Is Planning A New Rule To Let Federal Contractors Fire Employees For Religious Reasons
Up to 9.5 million net neutrality comments were made with stolen identities
How Does the Art World Live With Itself?
Hogan to City: Drop Dead
How Wall Street Drove Public Pensions Into Crisis and Pocketed Billions in Fees
For Overspending Governments, an Alternative View on Borrowing Versus Raising Taxes
This Seemed Like a Great Idea, What Went Wrong?
Brian Kemp’s Voter Suppression Efforts Could Help Elect Him Governor
Miami GOP Chairman just caught leading Proud Boys in attack on Democratic campaign office
Burlington police chief reacts to Madelyn Ellen Linsenmeir obituary: ‘I have a problem’
The Archivists of Extinction
NYPD Unit That Monitored Proud Boys Event Has Troubled History (mission creep)
Hurricane Michael Could Change Results in Florida
Experts Say DC is the most Dangerous Place to Give Birth
Trump’s Worst Crime Yet
After Hurricane Michael, Floridians must demand stronger building codes — everywhere

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  1. hipparchia says:

    re stronger building codes – I used to think this was the way to go, but (1) most of us living here in florida can’t afford those houses (the ones that are being built in my (formerly working-class) neighborhood are selling for 8-10x my yearly income), and (2) what are you planning to do with all the rubble that will be left over after you tear down all the deficient houses (and there are huge numbers of them) and build new, hurricane-proof ones?

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