Links 10/23/18

Links for you. Science:

Sexual misconduct by NIH-funded PIs IS research misconduct
There Are Very Fine Scientists on Both Sides. On Both Sides.
What the tests don’t show
FDA approves HPV vaccine for people up to 45
Genome Sequencing Reveals a Large and Diverse Repertoire of Antimicrobial Peptides


The iPhone’s New Parental Controls Block Searches for Sex Ed, Allow Violence and Racism (bug or feature?)
Remember When You Could Be Too Racist?
Donald Trump Is Not the President* of the United States in Any Way That Matters
Cuomo Wants To Divide & Conquer The State Senate. Again. (this fucking guy. Someone indict him for something already…)
The President of the United States Just Explicitly Endorsed Political Violence
The Devastating Impact of Stand Your Ground in Florida
The President* Is in Violation of His Oath of Office
A lot more than you might realize goes into getting your Colorado mail-in ballot from A to Z
Mitch McConnell Just Unveiled the Most Inevitable Political Development of 2018 (and Schumer needs to be gone from the leadership ASAP)
What the Black Men Who Identify With Brett Kavanaugh Are Missing
There Are More Kavanaughs and Scalias Pouring Into the Federal Courts By the Day
The fact that most in the political establishment except liberal activists has decided to pretend the emoluments clause doesn’t exist and allow a president to accept massive foreign bribes puts them in a weak position to claim that the Senate and SCOTUS must always stay the same.
Growing concerns of cuts coming to Metrobus service
Swastikas painted on Northern Virginia Jewish community center
We tried to stop the Iraq War. The GOP treated us like it treats protesters now.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren just unveiled a dramatic plan to eradicate Washington corruption
Will you work for a murderer? That’s the question a host of ex-generals, diplomats and spies may soon face.

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