Links 10/10/18

Links for you. Science:

The R01 Doesn’t Even Pay for Revisions
We lost to the iguanas. Now state wants to defeat anacondas and other predators while we still can.
Mysterious Cosmic Rays Shooting from the Ground in Antarctica Could Break Physics
Washington Rolls Back Safety Rules Inspired by Deepwater Horizon Disaster
An EPA children’s health official says Trump wants to “disappear” her office


Trump Weaponizes Victimhood to Defend Kavanaugh
A lot of people wonder why I’m constantly harping on the Democrats when Trump is in the White House. One of the reasons is the old Democratic establishment protected Susan Collins.
This Is Not A Blip
Where in the World Is Denmark’s $2 Billion?
Undercover cops break Facebook rules to track protesters, ensnare criminals
Lawsuits point to large trove of unreleased Kavanaugh White House documents
Russian hackers were caught in the act — and the results are devastating
Kansas: Aftershocks from the epicenter of voter suppression
Modern Monetary Theory Grapples With People Actually Paying Attention to It
A High-End Legal Ratf*cker Is Still a Ratf*cker
How Over-Priced Is the US Housing Market?
New D.C. program aims to make it easier for victims to report sexual assault
Kremlin official named as source of Hillary ‘dirt’ during notorious Trump Tower meeting is KILLED in mystery Russian helicopter crash
Hundreds Of Cyclists Honor Smithsonian Employee Killed In Hit-And-Run (“Since the [Vision Zero] effort began in 2016, traffic fatalities have increased year over year.”)

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