The Conservative Con Rolls On

While the left, construed very broadly, needs to keep an eye on the #Resistance grifters, they have nothing on conmen like Alex Jones (boldface mine):

Kelly Jones compared Mr. Jones’s marketing to that of a televangelist, preaching to his faithful, selling cures and soliciting donations. His customers buy in — and then they buy. For every threat he raises, there is a solution for sale….

“Preppers” are an important market segment for Infowars, and ads on its website bring better response than on other conservative media shows, said Chad Cooper, who owns Infidel Body Armor, based in San Tan Valley, Ariz. He spent about $5,000 a month on Infowars advertising for his civilian body armor line until recently, when he suspended his advertising because Infowars started selling ads to too many of his competitors.

While he does not take in Mr. Jones’s show — “he’s a nutter,” he says — “I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the phone with these Alex Jones people who order from me,” and described them.

“They’re nonbelievers in what the media tells them. They think there’s more to the story,” he said. “They think there’s aliens, and the government knows about that and they’re not telling them. They’re all religious, and they’re very concerned about the direction the government is going.”

He’s really good at scaring people,” Mr. Cooper said of Mr. Jones. “He gives them that sense of urgency — they need to hurry up and do something. Now.

…Mr. Jones’s image and credibility as a provocateur are closely linked to his credibility as a marketer of supplements and other products.

Consequently, sales of the fluoride-free toothpaste he promotes might decline if he recants his bogus claim that fluoridated water causes cancer and stunts the brains of children. Demand for Infowars-branded gun components that can be purchased without a firearms permit might fall if he backs off his predictions of a looming civil war.

There’s obviously fertile ground to be plowed here, but that doesn’t happen without conmen like Jones who profit, in his case, financially, from this scaremongering. This is nothing new: former Republican Governor Huckabee is, well, another supplements huckster, and there’s a lot of fools gold in the hills of the Quiverfull movement.

If their marks weren’t fucking up the country, I would feel bad about their being fleeced.

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2 Responses to The Conservative Con Rolls On

  1. jonolan says:

    OK, we have here something that you and I can just about fully agree upon. We’d probably argue of specifics and examples beyond InfoWars, but I’d say that we’re generally in agreement on the overall topic…though I believe the mainstream left engages in it just as much, though normally to fund their politicians, PACs, and the Unions and other sorts instead of a “private enterprise.”

  2. sadhistorymajor says:

    For reasons unknown to me, I receive fundraising email from Trump world. A recurring riff is that if I contribute a certain amount I will be entered in a sweepstakes that can nab me a plane ticket, hotel, and a photo with der Trump at an upcoming rally. A Trump supporter born every minute? I sure hope not.

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