Links 9/11/18

Links for you. Science:

87 elephants found dead in Botswana sanctuary, poaching to blame
The AI That Has Nothing to Learn From Humans
New Zealand Council Proposes Banning All Domestic Cats
The Surprising Way Drugs Become Useless Against Bacteria (bad title, interesting history of science)
Giant Deep Sea Coral Reef Discovered Off Coast of South Carolina


What’s the Point of the Supreme Court? If you know beforehand how justices will vote based on which president appointed them, then what’s the point of having a court that, in theory, operates above politics? (also see “Every. Damned. Time“)
Brett Kavanaugh Is Why We Need Voting Reform
The Biggest Trump Scandal So Far
Are We Making Elections Less Secure Just to Save Time?
It’s Okay to Have Children
“Backing Down” Is OK — If You Do It For the Right Reason
Metro’s newest railcar order begins to take shape (“New digital advertising screens–“to generate revenue and reduce labor costs”–ugh. So we’ll get annoying blinky lights to go with our commute? Awful)
Donald Trump Is Setting Up A Lame-Duck Crisis
I survived the Warsaw ghetto. Here are the lessons I’d like to pass on
Kavanaugh didn’t just peddle Vince Foster conspiracy theories under Starr—it was his idea to do it
The education of Betsy DeVos: Why her school choice agenda has not advanced
Actor Geoffrey Owens shows Fox News what dignity looks like after they try to shame him for working
Brett Kavanaugh’s Hearing Is a Gilded-Age Farce and an Affront to the American Republic
Majority of Americans say teachers are underpaid and would support teacher strikes, poll finds
The Cuomo-Nixon Debate and the Definition of Politics
Bob Woodward’s Reporting Shows Trump’s Very Good Brain Is Trapped in the 1980s
The real story of New Orleans and its charter schools
Brett Kavanaugh Was Up a Tree. We Should See the Documents That Put Him There.
Just Shut Up and Quit

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