Links 9/9/18

Links for you. Science:

Lineage calling can identify antibiotic resistant clones within minutes
DC’s rivers could be swimmable in the next several years
Improved search for prokaryotic assemblies and genes
China has multi-billion projects developing liquid and solid fuel molten salt reactors
Invisible weapon might be cause of diplomats’ illnesses


Postmodernism didn’t cause Trump. It explains him.
Without accommodations, Uber and Lyft are leaving customers with disabilities at the curb
On Avital Ronell’s Celebrity Defenders
Power in the Ivory Tower
Andrew Cuomo Faces An Environmental Revolt
He said he wouldn’t join his company’s Bible study. After being let go, he’s suing. (but Oberlin students something something)
Don’t Count On Susan Collins To Save Roe v. Wade
Unions struggle in the courts, but they have a fighting chance in the streets
The undocumented workers who built Silicon Valley
Fear of Fire
The Other Side of John McCain
America’s Real Economy: It Isn’t Booming
Trump’s NAFTA Deal Simply Can’t Solve America’s Manufacturing Problems
The John McCain Phenomenon
A Low, Dishonest Decade
Hold the Plaudits, John McCain’s 2008 Campaign Paved the Way for Donald Trump (been saying this for a while)
John McCain and the POW/MIA myth
Why Trump Supporters Believe He Is Not Corrupt
League of the South Blames ‘Mentally-Ill Young Jews With Guns’ For Jacksonville Shooting

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