Links 9/6/18

Links for you. Science:

Stacking concrete blocks is a surprisingly efficient way to store energy
Scientists estimated the mass of all life. It’s mind boggling.
Consumer genomics will change your life, whether you get tested or not
Garbage in, garbage out: Wrestling with contamination in microbial sequencing projects
A Blended Family: Her Mother Was Neanderthal, Her Father Something Else Entirely


Yes, he has betrayed the country
GOP campaigns took $7.35 million from oligarch linked to Russia
Why Nordic “Socialism” Won’t Work In The U.S. (funny)
When Will the Democratic Party Get Involved in Local and State Law Enforcement Races? (when the local and state parties are actually functional)
Why Manafort and Cohen Thought They’d Get Away With It
I gave Corbyn the benefit of the doubt on antisemitism. I can’t any more
Dams and Reservoirs Won’t Save Us. This is the New Future of Water Infrastructure.
Trump And His Deplorables Should Keep Mollie Tibbetts’s Name Out Of Their Racist Fucking Mouths
We Already Know Trump Is Betraying His Country
Welcome to America, Where Parents Can’t Afford Diapers
Why Does Wells Fargo Still Exist?
Rat complaints are soaring, and D.C. is doubling down on its efforts to kill them
The New Socialists: Why the pitch from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders resonates in 2018. (still not convinced that much/most of what is being called socialist isn’t just what used to be called liberal Democratic)
The House of The Future: Charles Schridde’s Stunning 1960s Adverts For Motorola
Stormy Daniels, Feminist Hero: For once we’re listening to a woman who refuses to wear either a scarlet letter or a superwoman’s cape
QAnon Leaders Crack Down on Mentions of Cohen After He Turned on Trump: Trump isn’t the only one freaking out about rats. The internet forum home to the pro-Trump conspiracy theory is struggling, too

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    I plan to start using similar words as a way of trolling the right. Lodestone is in for a comeback. Pant-load seems a natural when discussing the White House.

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