Links 8/18/18

Links for you. Science:

Dunbar’s number doesn’t represent the average number of social connections
The batty, explosive history of bats in the military — and why this new idea just might work
What the ‘New York Times’ Climate Blockbuster Missed
A red tide ravaging Florida may have killed a whale shark for the first known time
Boston’s biotech boom could bring bold new treatments for cancer


The Sinister Reality Behind Our Obsession with Viral Heartwarming Videos
This is why every president must disclose his tax returns
Fox News Now Airs Unabashed White Nationalism in Primetime
The Russia that Republicans love doesn’t exist
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sees America’s Real Problems. Laura Ingraham Sees What She Wants.
The Quietest Place in America Is Becoming a Warzone
ICE Is the Sharp Edge of the Trump Administration*’s Policy of Making America White
Are State Officials in Nordic Countries Unaccountable?
It’s Not About ‘Illegal Immigration,’ It’s About Keeping Certain People Out
International Man of Monocracy
Tennessee Tries a Novel Approach: Electing Politicians Who Actually Want to Govern
The People’s Budget is a road map for reconstruction
The Siege of Chicago at 50: Todd Gitlin Remembers
Johnny Mathis, the voice of the ’50s, was always ahead of his time. Now he’s ready to talk about it.
Why Women Are Sharing Their Abortion Stories
‘The most bizarre thing I’ve ever been a part of’: Trump panel found no widespread voter fraud, ex-member says
The Trump White House is destroying our civil service
An unsavory scam? Company accused of diluting Chesapeake blue crab meat with imported crab
Boston’s schools are becoming resegregated

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